1. what a clusterfck of madness. The coolie man dem eyebrow more defined than the ooman dem. di bredda inna the cut up outfit wid him red belt no sah a who fah country barrel him dig dat out fram?

  2. pic#3 johncrow and senseh fowl had a warm time scratching out a nest ….a 1/4 pack a hair she gel down tuh de head tuh enuh mi badiiiiiiiiiiiii no mi a log awf mi caan laff nuh more

  3. 1st pic-the gentleman inna the Huckleberry Fin shoes
    2nd pic-the lady inna the vomit colored wig, lipstick, nail polish and armpits
    3rd pic-the two birls in the background; also, this young lady’s hairstylist need a bytch box
    4th pic-his bell pepper nose, and sir to please return the baby gap ( gay and proud ) muscle shirt
    5th pic-young man, Hitler wants his nosestache back
    6th pic-too much to type
    7th pic-the man inna the Michael Kors knapsack
    Young lady in the 6th pic- what tha fuhck were you thinking leaving the house looking like that??? :nerd

  4. The one wid purple bag and the other girl with the flowas black dress a fren, 2 blind frens..dem couldn’t miss da dance deh or perm and pace it down..now di bredda inna di cut up vest and pants clearly him teef dat off a girl line him round eeh.Man wid Lady Saw tshirt is in August dat picho was taken?

  5. Pic # 1 no words smh
    Pis #2 the girl in the front does not match the pic
    pic #3 is either you take out all the weave or leave in the full pack a horse mess but no man is like when u in the process of removal you frien come tell you bout this dance smh
    Pic #4 Di nose, Di belly skin, di holes i cant i cant
    Pic #5 Aliens
    Pic #6 you cant trust that B she aint got no edges lol

  6. Met u cut off di man rouna back inna pic 7…is him fancy gladiator slippas mi did a try make unnu see…mi want find out weh him get dem cause mi waan buy a pair lmao. Ah see him some other pics and him look very suspect.
    @anony 9:10 di pic take at a party di week before lady saw ting

  7. Hey Met, Yep! and the crew…Happy Independence day to ALL me fellow Yardies.
    The Bridget sandals look good in pic #1. #buy Jamaica
    Woof face inna pic #4…it’s okay to come out of the wardrobe, son..lol

    1. _________________________________________ den whey u badda go seh happy independence fah and blah blah :ngakak lol chuh
      happy independence man

      1. lol…me had to soften the blow..dwln.
        Yep! dumpling right causen say me gain some pounds an just a notice it inna one picture. dwl
        :selamat BIG UP Jamaica ALL DE TIME

  8. Clothes obviously hawd fi find fi some. All di man eena di smedium circa 1988 vest outfit..laaks bra, nutten nuh wrong wid tan a u yawd sometimes. Not a ting wrong wid teck een a flim show, eat two late night frittaz, jink some chawlit tea and galng u bed aftawuds. What an A-class mess!

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