1. A sympathy u a look bout u inna hospital u need fi tap it a shame uno have u is a SIDE CHICK goh look up dat title u dam dunce like

  2. U c the man no want u him happy home dwl stop run down the man all what u do for him and to him u still get f**k him non love u f**k bus diva not working it better u take your Party moneys and keep it u love buy suck and f**k too much a man make government take your kids and put u in the street diva go look a man for yourself stop f**k done the place and go clean out your pussy and stop mad over the man him happy home not outside u have nothing to give him no more the money done now him no want u when your Party done 4 night u and him up and done when your party done and then u think u wife dwl u can’t keep a man f**k box

    1. Yuh know seh Met need fi start ban some a unu from comment. Miss Rose what happen to the comma and full stop? Stop keep malice wid dem, fren dem and use dem. Yuh wicked eeeh???


  4. It seems anyone n anything can be a diva nowadays. .prior to this Aretha Franklyn..Diana Ross. .even Whitney Houston n Mariah Carey earned the diva title. .BeyoncĂ© go siddung u nor this chick ain’t a diva!!

  5. HIM have 4 kids maybe more a good fi him a so when them secret bust out dem bawl bout have at home can’t tell him say him never hot and full a himself HIM just stink and full a shit that’s all!

    1. Dat man look like bang belly goat pon two foot. Cuh him a talk bout family. Him never know him have it good at home before him go road go tek oman.

      Side chick or not de man fi go S.Him mumma. Him oman a yard fi leave him because him would still a fass wid de girl if not fi de IG picture. Chances are him have next oman too.

      P.S. idiot gal stay a hospital see if dem do a shame tree transplant…STAT.

  6. Look like she about fi kill herself them better watch her I can’t look pon her too HIM can’t F**k nothing better anyways pure waste man and woman dhl ppl!

  7. She mussi gone get treated fi har std dem.. gal full a std like how di world full a cancer yah now… smh.. poor thing…

  8. but the man put up say every man fi go home to them wife and kids so how diva she a talk bout she ago talk to him what a damn dunce. Look how man deh a road a dash weh and this stupid low self esteem having idiot still a deh wid man weh a treat har like doodoo. Saturday the whole world shame fi u and u still ago deh back wid this man no sor.

  9. All of a sudden he remembers family and kids. These men are users and liars but don’t worry him will buck the right side bitch one day. He prolly stress her out to nothing. Don’t care if she gets around obviously she’s looking for love and that POS know it. All the small dick niggas be acting out. Smh so many fake couples in DH men havebtheirveimen at home but dey dance with gal and sometimes gal and woman a yard. Uncle is a prime example of that bs. Have him Roman n bitch together at the same event. Wutliss dawg shit dem . Women step up n leave dem disease dey

  10. Gwaan hold out yah side chick! Maybe you will get your come up! Just look pon Lisa Hanna, play side chick fi years and now she get ring. Lol!

    1. Spoon you can’t compare appls with bananas….Lisa Hannah in a category or league all by herself compare with this lady….

        1. Pretty women will always get a pass. Worse if dem a pretty coolie wid sarf hair. The way I see it if Lisa, Cindy and Yendi can’t keep man an dem a beauty queen and TWO miss world’s then it confirms what I have always said, the pickings in Jamaica must be very meagre.

  11. What happen to the days when women love themselves?because when u love urself u dont lower ur standard to that side chic bullshit. I don’t care i will stay sad n lonely.

  12. A respectful man would never let a woman he cares about beg for love or attention. Nuff a dem bwoy ya a batty man.. That nigga only saying these things because he wants to please his woman at home but as soon as this cool down a him an diva dat again. It’s a vicious cycle. Waste man dem ya

  13. Now look here nuh miss diva.get your damn act together and stop the foolishness u have 2 kids.go look a job,save your money Rent a place for u and ur kids.U party enough now if u stop now yuh nah dead.spend tome on yourself.go learn how to take proper showers,wash yuh underwear them clean,keep a place clean before u want to keep a man.a grown woman with 2 kids and u still got your priorities wrong; wtf is your problem ..really? Poppyshow the little money that u “make” at your partys yuh tek it a give man and I’m sure ur kids NEED IT.anywhere u kotch rat n roach a eat it down cause yuh NASTY,but yuh find time bout u gone cock up Inna hospital bed kmt…tek up yuh nasty rauce n pull yuhself together Heffer go look work n take care of your kids.you know mi can testify u are one of the nastiest ting pon 2 foot;but yuh find time fe a run dung man.

  14. Yall duty people kno nothing about this girl unno just love chat yall need to go look a job and worry bout yall miserable life and leave the girl she and the people dem man good you don’t see diva are brando not paying yall no attention and don’t get the girls kids in this cause she take care a dem a my f**king friend that don’t give a f**k what yall wah seh unno life unhappy and true side chic and nah worry bout unno the girl live somewhere and wen she go home she nah tell noone to go ova a my friend mi go ova her house nuff time u can go duck out u no muma now diva and brando nah look pon unno

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