So baby star u know u no want the man u tek him from diamond . stricka me waa fight yuh fi have the gal over u yaad sick an a run up an dung kmt. baby yuh no see you friend dem run lef u cause u waa suck an borrow every thing . Yuh a f**k more than diamond as u see the gal ina addias u run go follow.



  1. A no nth if she tek Diamond man cause Diamond a Jamaica biggest man tek a lol…..diamond and spiral lef?

  2. Babystar fi move up..she walk n suck like dawg boe goodhole..ongle place pon she me hear say good id r mouth..none a di stargal dem nah use r cause she plan fi tek each n every one a dem wid r dunce head..she dunce nuh bloodclaat n a hype like she a di most ting..pretty dunce get confiscated n extinct longtime me love..she need to go back to school n find Tiara fada..f**kin bad a dipshit..

    Ofc she follow diamond..das y i wish d gal did really set up diamond pon d money man..cause diamomd a gyal wid sense n wen d man spen him money pon diamond him wuda see him momey’s worth

    Diamond a gyal wid brains babystar cyaa match up to diamond..all striker him a d nex one..nah nuh f**in sense..can left good good ambitious gyal n go tek up trash weh will nyam dem name pon bulla?? All babystar have to offer is cocky suckin n threesome nothing else

  3. Uno leave the star girls them alone them affi f**k and suck for a living none a them no work especially diva star you see how she look ole an tuff no man uno post bout them every day make them think them important. Dirty Alisha big up uself I see u the other day with a big ole man look like u just suck him hood dry lol the police man gone a farren a him woman lef u now u shame and pop down u used to post him on IG every day now u have to take them down u no shame? nothing nah gwan fi u or the store no man uno sad bad.

  4. I thought beer ravas aka di gas boss was babystar daughters father.. babystar a f**k and suck frm she bout 12-13! memba when she was about 14 she run weh and har Mada full upa nannyville wid pure police and dem affi hide har frm one house to the next? Babystar use to bounce frm pillow to post fi a young pretty gyal

  5. striker want baby star not diamond you can compete with the woman the man cant leave alone baby star no watch no face me race u

    1. yes too different person all a dancehall f**k diamond bby star a u me want wait till my dance big pussy diamond go suck u mada a u sen it in cause u hurt

  6. No mi cah believe oral lef good good clean skin diamond fi nasty dun out bby star… Pupa jeesas him nuh have no ambition cause him lef him nice clean bby mother n tek diamond fi a cum up n no him lef diamond fi a step down… This cah be real… Oral this Mek mi sick….

  7. No so if diamond a f**k the whole a dancehall man dem a who bby star a f**k… A pure Wat lef bby star she tek enuh n come to think of it Anuh just know bby star a f**k oral enuh a from last yr October dem time deh… Diamond fi beat out r bloodclaat n dash r draws water Pon oral…. Go see how bby star suck the skin off him hood… A only hope him a protect him self cause bby star have a gun inna r draws….

  8. No sah … Mi caah believe seh baby star really duh dat … All a di star girl dem NEED fi guh luk a work or guh back a school guh get sum subjects or guh duh a lil course inna supm especially diva star , baby star n barbie star unu caah cayliss suh all a uno life n unu have pickney … All unu business bout a clothes n hair … Barbie star n di bleach out boy weh par wid Spiral still deh n who is diva star man ?

  9. Oral and striker a 2 different person diamond walk n fuk everybody who no fuk diamond a who no beg her pussy n I swear diamond no young eno n she can’t settle unu leave baby star alone she change her life n drop the low life them a Tamara a helshire a fuk oral n a take him way from diamond n it have her head away!!! But she must feel no way cause u fuk on him every chance u get. All wha day u fly out go fuk n come back look worst foreign man no stop tek unu turn idiot dancehall fuk box diamond a u send in this

  10. Tamara and oral a just friend as u ppl
    someone with a man them dea no sa
    Diamond fi go truck off and stop fight
    over man no man..y the post about diamond and bby star and she a get other woman involved?

  11. A no oral she a tek a striker lol..diamond hurt ova striker bad..dat f**k out gal want every man, she f**k fr crew to crew ..me a wonda if har pussy no vex wid har dwl..me no know which man fr a crew no fuk diamond, all 3 man in a one crew fuk har out …babystar might no bright but she no dunse..diamond a wok a bulla place fi yrs and stil cant change har dutty lifestyle..she f**k everybody man an laugh in a dem face, twn me live an kno dem biznes..all a dem badmine bbystar , diamond need fi go siddung wth her std ole..cause a dat d bwoy sa bout har ole…

  12. Whoi met nice , me deh over kens and hear one gal a say how she in a party and see diamond and kellyupsetta and a gal buss out a laugh..d gal say diamond f**k off kelly man dem an she an kelly a d biggest fren dwl..she sad bad , hurt har head babystar

  13. Kmt a dem wast gyal ya ppl a comment pon kmt.diamond a big fool a pure matey she try fight an no win no war yet, al she do a fling stone dwl..me an me fren dem did wan right har off a lipstick wa day.bout dem a bruk bokkle kmt

  14. Tamara a way beta gal fi fuk out dd ,oral want har badly..me no knw wat him was doin with diamon anyway. Shi eva a post oral an a fuk pon him lik dog, d man dem no stp laugh offa him.kmt tamara no fraid a diamon ,dem wan wife and no have no life

  15. Dutty diamond mek dem kill MI fren a Garvey Meade a nakiesha cookout just because she love f**k. Is not now she a f**k long time she use to go a weschester go f**k chase and then she a come put up poster WA day on r ig. Yu lucky duppy nuh av nuh power bitch.diva star all a unuh sa unuh hot Yu never can put up a man of your on your page

  16. Kelly and the star girls dem need a life ,them need if settle down and get a 2 kids dem a waist demoing days wat ago happen to them wen the old,nasty diamond Jamie nuh perfect but a u set up him death gal invite him a cook out cause yu did was f**k him too bitch. It look like Kelly left the boy a Christian pen we use to kill r wid lick?

  17. No kelly bye him visa an the boy fly out go marride an dont come bck lol to how diamond pussy sad mi hear say she go new york go f**k navisha man dabba an turn roun a laugh up wit the gal an a post up she an di gal man a f*8k tpc she bitter nuh f**k wat a bitch wicked

  18. No kelly bye him visa an the boy fly out go marride an dont come bck lol to how diamond pussy sad mi hear say she go new york go f**k navisha man dabba an turn roun a laugh up wit the gal an a post up she an di gal man a f*8k tpc she bitter nuh f**k wat a bitch wicked

  19. Then a how kelly reach in a this, me think this post was abt diamon an the babystar kmt..everybody know when diamond fuk you man she still talk up to you lol..you no see she a man to she no care

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