14 thoughts on “WHERE IS HER HUSBAND?

  1. A him inna the red shirt. Smh . Him a must ediot and every party she deh naked a him and her. She stay bad she need to get a beating .

  2. That’s her husband this woman is a free bird and she does what she pleases this is not the first time she body paint herself so why everyone acting like it is the first, her husband is smiling her loves his wife and apparently doesn’t care what no one thinks of her… I do not know these people but that my opinion on this woman, too much focus on her already let it go… She paid for her body she can do whatever she pleases with it, not for us to get all up and arms about her slackness behavior.. It shouldn’t be no reflection off of you so why is everyone worried bout this woman, the husband look like he needs want to take her home… smdh

  3. the man that’s in the red that’s her husband but he have to be doing his thing out there for him to put up with all that she be doing in party and those crazy dressing are maybe she is the one pushing the bacon so he just chill and still getting his paper from her.

  4. I just don’t understand why you guys is paying her so much attention and when ramping Plaza in the same thing nobody says anything leave the damn woman alone one ramping Plaza dress like this 7 days a week leave the woman alone

  5. Saw her at a party on Saturday night and she looked so disgusting! She swear she was hitting in that bodysuit. Plus it was a young boy she well and pose up on. If that man in her picture is her husband, that is NOT the man she came to the party with, posed up on all night and left the party with. She has no respect for herself so I don’t expect her to have any for the husband.

    She was the oldest person in the party and she was the only one half naked with those big ass feet of hers. Looking like a amazon.

  6. Y’all leave champagnelady alone she look dam good at her age,nuff a who a chat unnu man dnt even wanna c unnu ole prune body an unnu a young gal wen dem go f**k unnu dem turn off di light cause di looks a unnu body kill dem cock

  7. This woman and her other two stay bad friend always look like street walker, and they so f**g ugly and shape body nuh pussyclaath the type of hoes nigga wife up sad as f**k

  8. Big dutty ooman a looooooo can u imagine how dat likkle area smell… She need a time out she too brave she alone caah manij

  9. She need fi move ar ole bloodclaat self n go put on some decent clothes. Women must have standards!!! She will make all Jesus upset!

  10. Anytime you see man allow their woman to parade like that HE”S PIMPING HER OUT. TRUST ME.

    Some man allow to their woman to sex other men for money. Theres just a few who condone that for attention in their own sick way. Decent men wouldn’t play that.

    No man that has real respect for you wont let his bonafide dressed like that. Man love to see their woman look good but not like that. That’s too much especially for her age.

  11. nuh husband nuh need fi come get r. the authorities need fi come get r and institutionalize her mad ass. unnu nuh see seh dis woman crazy. which grandmother inna club naked and a tear out dem legs apart FOR FREE at that? #insaneinthemembrane

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