1. :ngakak :ngakak f**ka!! watch dem switch up now……Cause dem learn from pinkwall eno….. Mi see dem stawt comb di Lilly pickney hair now…Sasco an him gal di last family. Pinkwall shake up dem folly.

  2. Wait deh a weh Lisa deh how him swear pan him life w nuh fi him baby but gyal can post him pan IG woooooiii this nice.

  3. Suck pussy midget stop send in de bloodclat gal u is a big dutty mix up a wah body good tump yu inna yu face bitch yu cah keep nuh friend fi long yu live carry gu bring come too much bitch

  4. puchi go find the nearest gynecologist and go fix uh stinking Pussy and go get some clothes and furniture
    Chrysy go find the nearest gym and lane byrant and Ashely Stewart go get some clothes
    Muff go find nearest Home Depot go buy a lock fi uh Pussy And some looks bitch u broke as f**k

  5. Did any of you fools hear the man say anuh his child? You all feed in to pink wall like the New York Times .
    All I’m saying is people come hear to look a hype, not to tell the truth.

  6. People look closely , a 7 am dem screen shot the girl page , nah lie someone life miserable , Puchie weh give dose Gunaria is it you..?.. Wee mattress Muffet is it you. Or dirty kids crystal a you?

  7. Why ppl call out ppl name it lisa friend send this in and fi you guys dont kown who do it stop calling out name …now stop cause this guy see it and said to me never know lisa man had a new baby and that when i send in the story so ppl plz stop mix other ppl involved in this and getting it mixed up ..she dont know me but i see her round and lisa would send her pic to.. so ppl stop it and stop calling name ……

  8. Body nuh good move yuh bloodklawt Ricky tek dat pic from Jan him birthday and now we inna march ….
    And you justttttt a post dat ?????
    When gyal have dem man dem post dem as pic tek….
    Body nuh good yah ediat
    Put up pic wid man a dinner wid him kids and you wasn’t not there but u a talk bout happy life
    Ricky talk all the while seh dat baby a mistake
    Body not good you go dose party and if a you’re man not even one pic unuh tek a dance mascot body not good
    Thank God Ricky put yuh out suh u can come off the mattress PON di floor and gone round a yuh mada
    Body not good u and Ricky worthless in foreign
    Body nuh good youuuuuuuuuu is reallllllll mascot u want a job inna di morgue fi work wid di duppy dem…..
    Cause u a real duppy bat wid yuh scatter teeth braces caan help you

  9. Muffet… f**ks
    Tony hype
    Babba from 1link
    Wee team
    Iky same one link
    Juvie yuh man fren
    Short Rick yuh man fren
    Yuh sell pussy yuh f**k Keisha sweetness
    Hey muffyuh a f**k longtime
    Mo mo
    Milla 9
    Ogosh you stay f**king

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