1. Cecile a u send in this ?KMT! Clearly this sender nuh have nuttin to do! She is very much on the scene. They were even at Cabana City together and all about together for the Christmas! She actually a try turn singer now she launch some debut song . Song alright but is nothing exceptional! Like she a try sound all sexy but me nah feel a vibe from the song . Chris love this girl like a don’t know what. Sender come again!

  2. So Brittny!!!!!!! Are u looking for some attention being as though u are promoting you’re new single? Bc even the blind man know sey yuh dun have Addi already.
    The song I will admit is ok, nice voice but don’t use this platform for free press.

  3. So dem live together or what people. Mi just want know because Chris first baby mother the half or quarter Indian girl with full eyes she nah leave him. Dwl. Poor Ceceil fi har days done. Met I hear say up to 3 years ago if u ever see the shack dat Ceceil nother lives in is a disgrace. She is an outside child mi hear so she was not fully Charlton bred. Chris mean like wow him don’t even like pay musicians that plays for him damm boy is starapple.

  4. @5:25pm de 1st baby mother name Kish. She damn fool a fool harself bcuz she live innna de Kirkland Heights house with Chris mother, father and brother. Damn wutliss gal lef har good work at Wisynco and get up everyday a fix and clean house like helper while Chris pass har like sailing ship. Hear sey she not leaving as she want the 50% entitlement for living “together” for 5 years. She good though… a dis you call longevity although she a fuck the contractor whey fix up de house

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