8 thoughts on “WHEY DI BABY MILK EED DEH?

  1. OH MY FREAKING GOSHHHHHH…..she baddddddddd eh man!!!!! All doe shoplifting is WRONG it’s food so no judgment from me….just shock…mi yiy ball pop outta mi head lick di phone screen and bounce right back..WOW!!!!

  2. Anon 7:45 that still nuh stop some a dem teifing gyal an bwoy fi go a di supermarket Dem go teif ….all inna di Korean store Dem deh a teif horlicks an Milo.

  3. Oh god man Mi woulda gi har a tin Mi naw lie an mek she gwan…. cause a di best kept secret! looking at har Mi couldn’t tell she a bring nothing.. bloodclawt woman skill pan di holdings

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