14 thoughts on “WHICH MUNCHY DIS?

  1. Mi soo sick of Dirty Munchie NoTime, and this Rasta bwoy who still live wid him babymaddda while using these 2 doorknobs that wants to be sidepiece and proud.THat bwoy look like him want a good bade. Munchie Man don epan you meck you a war every otha month ova buddy so? Every man you teck is smaddie man and you war di ppl dem. As far as me see is only Munchie and show off and own him up cause Tyesh look like she learn har lesson not to mess with lickel bwoys that just have a big penis and nothing to offer her. Munchie you notice how is you alone a kill up yourself fi prove seh you still in the race? how come him cah sleep out? Hell and Powda house when him baby maddda start pan you. She see seh you a eddiottt that she not even entertain you as a mate cause she sure a har position. Go send back fi you pickni weh you send go jamaica so you can maintain and run behind this bwoy who only gi you a quickie every 2 days.

  2. All a unnuh Philly trash needs a life,man short bad pure recycled cock with no money pure pop down gal not one a unnuh look good munchy your sick with this broke pocket boy why every munchy a ediot gal gosh the two munchy in Philly are the two worst bitches that love people man and has nothing to show not even the people Dem man unnuh have fi show hide and f**k what a lickle place full a dutty gal.

  3. Bitch!!!!!!!! yuh kno every female weh live a Philly? Yuh a talk about “Not one a unnuh look good” Stick to di subject and stop be Pink wall bad gyal weh fulla mouth behing ANONYMOUS! dutty bitch!!!

  4. Exactly, most of Philly girls name don’t reach pick know wall. So please come Offa Philly name because we were all originated from Jamaiaca. So if that is the case bitch u ain’t shit either. F**g dunce bat.There are many females and males in Philly who chooses not party, so talk about the ones you know of, and please stop stereotyping people, it makes you look small.

  5. Unnuh really sound hurt though,over the anymous comment seems like unnuh really stay bad,why are u guys so offensive?if your not out in the mix how unnuh reach pan pink wall germs,exactly my point,now continue to read like the others and keep it moving unnuh nuh mix but deah pan wall a read kmt! Unnuh undercover piece a shit.

  6. DOUNCE! Anon 11:53am. Ppl can come pink wall and read what they want to f***g read even if they don’t party and wah happy if Philly ladies wah fi party? If yuh suh pretty and cute. Why Philly pop dung gyal dem a badda yuh bitch? When your making your statement be more f***g specific. Fu**g waste gyal!

  7. OMG. Why di ppl dem pon Claira BUs ride tan badd soo. Who no fava scawl dawg big and lumpy lumpy. unuh fi do betta..
    Bubbles why don’t you audition to be a porn Start since everytime you put on ur clothes you look like a broke one living in the hood?

    Keisha No Gangsta i wish you was as Rich as you portray your life to be. Gucci Bag on a Buss ride??? you have enought family a Jamdown a suffa matta a fact you still a suffa you know you have no business buying Gucci to show off on ppl who knows your past, present, and future. isn’t your daughter going to need money for college in a few years? Sa d bad. oOhh, The titty dem weh you buy don not increase your value, you still look like a thot. How much money you ago earn fi do all that fi people see you? mi sorry fi the poor husband, who sorry him trap himself. That man always look sad.

  8. Lukie you a broke ass. You sA u love ever gal who you plug in them hole. You want me money. Take ya broke ass back home you come foreign to fuk out the gal dem. Lickle boi you No even fuk good ya burnout. Nasty like me have to make you put on condom. Watch Lukie him prey on gal.You a Philly nasty like bed buddy

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