1. lookin at the foot color she has a nice complexion, bwoy I don’t know when this bleaching thing going to stop they just messing up them body.

  2. Isnt it the lighting of the picture ppl…maybe mi wrong but it look dat way from my angle
    She look like dingbat Atlanta housewife Porscha

  3. She shoulda tek off the “black leggins” fi true a dint think thsts the look she was going for. Good morning!

  4. Lol. No doubt….she bleaching. But har foot looks extra dark from the light and because of the angle di pic tek it cast a kind if shadow on her foot. Mi not even a watch dat….a di finger dem a beat mi oh so badly. Lol. Mi know di eye dem cast but she look frighten in this pic. Lol.

  5. Dwl a wah kina picture angle unnu a talk bout u nuh see say a different color foot Dem deh ….lol mi caah even badda

    1. Dwllll. Yes Latty di foot black but di light mek it look blackerrrrr. Lol. Oh gosh man talk di chuute. Dwl

  6. Her bleaching a reach, but only the top half. She need fi spend likke time pon the foot too. Cho man balance the thing

  7. well yes legs need more cream but what really don’t belong is that bag weh dat come from with the outfit and them seh them a fashonista ha haha dwl country a** back a bush gal

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