May Pen Dancehall Drama

Who Spending the most money on him ???

Big up to the Two so called Educated Ladies a May pen weh a War over the Brown bwoy … Camele you need more money cause Kela money nuff… Everyday uno drop words pon each other pon Facebook why uno nuh just war and done. ..Dwl Kela why you a use yu man Andrew Ford money a Tek care a this no life bwoy fi a hype pon Camele …Kela go save you money cause this bwoy nuh want nobody he is just a user…Kela yu get hot from the other day .Stop use yu money mind friend.. Camele yu learn wrong from hopie cause she no man nah stay with you …Yu nah nuh strong now cause Cox gwaan a Little Island…Happywife yu need Fi stop tek side ..Yu cousin left Kela so yu and her nuh nothing…Mizza a yu say keep it inna the link … Yu a hide and a f**k the never Clean team bwoy weh him mother dead…Nuff Lotoya stay out a the ppl them business a nuh Camele Mek Creswell Reid f**k you and run you …. Nurse yu need Fi know yu f**g self …Stop Mek the driver bwoy use you cause him nuh want you a man him love. Who A Spend the most money ago win ….Kela vs Camele

9 thoughts on “WHO A MINE DI MAN MORE

  1. yes sender a would a shake u hand A who av the most money fi spend a win..wait till him white gal come from England or him wife(yes wife) from small island. all a unu affi tek back seat

  2. Kela u not pretty u nose hole mek u look like donkey and you worthless bad fe a young gal,the bad mixture man camele dump you scoop up….gal a that you really pick?Camele you deserve a beaten bout stoop so low a war over bad mixture man dat nu love work.All a unu need a life Inna the dancehall bad mixture.

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