Mix up and running …Cuz the big dance weh Rory NUHDIRT keep fashion 4fashion him Likkle Breda a run right in a shoe cuz have two bbymada but in the party and him new woman but due to how him Tek long fi post the pic wid the bbymada weh she a wifey but she fava idiot hear seh shi did all wah look worries with the next bbymada tiki boo but the people the a bun har cuz who she cuz she never carry nuh swing Trashy looking but tiki boo just look humble and slim going on the pic ..But it up to you guys to view who look Good

Who fit him best !!

14 thoughts on “WHO FIT DI MAN DI BEST

    1. Blessed love ukkibit!!

      We tired fi tell dem fi do better n even get someone to proofread it before sending in smh.What is so wrong in saying Met see a $100 ya or a $44 mi have. .but put it towards ur charity cases in proceeds for you fixing up wha me a try fi sey??

      All I did was read the who best part n pick the matching blue chick.

  1. sender you can’t read nor write, avoid the mix up life. none a dem no make one! they all stay bad including the man them fava ole time ppl

  2. Who fit de man best? Who fit de man best? What kinda foolishness am I reading when I should be doing the people dem work? Sender, seen like how this is a ketch man, teef man, smaddy else man biznizz a gwarn…de only person weh fit yah a de man who is clearly playing the two of these women. Black wonen, set better standards for yourself. If you are sharing or sneaking, he isn’t yours. Keep stepping.

  3. None… The man not interested really in either. No connection at all. I guess he knew the other was watching and waiting. Ladies focus on yourselfs.

  4. none a dem nuh fit dis ole tunnel nose bleach out batty man, di two a dem need fi guh find dem pride and find a man who respect them enough fi dem nuh end up pon pink wall

  5. Sender you need to learn to construct a proper sentence instead of worrying about Hamma NuhDirt life . Him cocky hot so him suppose to have a bagga woman inna the party. Can bet who send in the story a try a f**k off a him too .#IgnorantSoul

  6. poor soul subject b look like a old gyal but a tiki boo the bitch have strength fa nothing about subject B Anna-kay Morrison trashy as f**k
    hamma soon f**k pan yuh eye top a regular yuh get that from school day ya f**k him and him still nah put on the ring and walk and look worries with every gyal him f**k and him yuh fi look fi inna worries with

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