1. It can be two different dress but if its not apple adi rightful owner , mi nuh think apple wear wuuda wear poop inna

  2. Mi hear from a little birdy say apple mouth eva stink and she walk round wid winterfresh , doublemints n mentos by the dosen, apple it nuh look good fi a walk round inna expesive bad n shoes n u mouth smell like hot shit

    1. Mi hear seh u always smell stink and rotten like garlic an onion a grow underneath u and when u lift u arm it smell like u nuh bade since christmas of ’99. You see how easy that was to lie?

        1. @ChattaBox if the woman is walking around with all of that. How is her mouth manage to stink? Your lies don’t make sense.

          1. Juss incase u neva kno winter fresh n mentos dnt stop u mouth from smell stink it might keep down the scent a lil bit and thats about it

    2. Lef di woman bout mouth smell like hot shit. Me luv di jokes but some a dem people ya is too much. Jay luv di hot shit mouth.

  3. This is not the first Apple and Kerry av on the same exact thing…especially shoes….Mi neva smell Apple mouth but sometime mi affi wonda how she chew gum so very very nasty like a grazing cow..and who tha f drink liquor and chew gum same time.. Apple u cute AF but classless

  4. They both par so they probably shop together. Kerry is way thicker than happel they are wearing two different sizes which is quite obvious. Sender ask them to carry u next time they go shoppin it seems u want a dress too.

  5. Hear is a not so secret about Apple . She rents lots of pree own channel bags and shoes . Yes they have they credit scam but they have a good link in California where to buy the fakes & rent name brand bags . Apple u don’t own all those bags we KNW your secret blow up doll your batty lean like a tyad donkey .

  6. Their two different sizes… If Apple were to wear Kerry dress it wouldn’t be that fitted on her… Even celebrity friends own the same items… C’mon sender use common sense!

  7. Suppose she have a rotten teeth or supm in her mouth dat causes her breathe to stink how mentos n winterfresh ago help dat?

  8. please they wear and share a whole bunch of fake shit I don’t know why all these group of uptown bitches don’t come clean . why yall never post up bank accounts and good jobs like come get a life please apple. Kerry ann , Christine, even big lip crysan weh ah hype with her pickney income tax money… bout stylist bitches sit down

  9. Even Stevie Wonder can see that it is two completely different dresses. No crime in friends shopping together and buying the same thing. I like how Apple accessorize with the hat and high heels. The dress looks better on a thinner silhouette.

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