BOSTON, (CMC) – A Jamaican national, described by law enforcement authorities as a major marijuana trafficker, will appear in a court here on Thursday following his arrest in Philadelphia over the weekend.
Dwight Langley, 49, was taken into custody outside his house in the community of Stonehurst. Law enforcement officials said that several barrels filled with 83 pounds of marijuana with a street value of US$360,000 were seized.
They said they also confiscated just over US$8,000 in cash and drug paraphernalia.
Investigators believe Langley is a major drug trafficker with international connections, and Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said Langley was being investigated for months.
A judge arraigned Langley on charges of violation of the Health and Safety Act for possession of marijuana, possession with intent to deliver, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia.
Bail was set at US$250,000 pending his court appearance on Thursday.

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  1. Bullshit arrest. Funny how they still taking black men to jail for selling marijuana but the white men are making $19 million per month doing the same shit in Washington and Colorado. Always the Negros that get screwed. They just don’t like to see black people with nothing. Every drug dealer need to lock shop and move to where it’s legal and capitalize on it the same way as the white man without risking his freedom.

    1. I find your comment rather dumb! How did trafficking in marijuana become a black white issue? You are always coming up with some weird conspiracy theories.
      I guess you have nothing to say about all those Jamaicans that have been killed over the years for selling marijuana? What about those killed through robbery by their fellow Jamaicans? Hundreds? Thousands?
      Children, they say the darnest things……

      1. if u have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. foxy is one of our veteran bloggers and assholes like u who wanna throw unnecessary insults for no good reason should stay off the site and stop trying to fit in where u can get in. foxy is a bog woman fe u little girl.

  2. Ah wen dem ah guh learn Fawda??? Black man need fi realize seh selling drugs nah guh cut it. Get ah education or guh learn ah trade. Dem ah full up di people dem prison an ah guarantee ah paycheck fi di redneck racist prison warden dem.

  3. Excellent point Foxxy , it is ALL about institutionalized RACI$M ,
    Meanwhile as u said they are now making BILLIONS offa d herb. Dem can smoke in public if u have a “card” and join clinic. Yet d regular man lock up fi spliff.
    It also about scientific advancement and education; cuz dem made a million forms of marinuana products offa d herb itself, like d oil, vapor.
    Even d Cartel and other type electronic cigarette that puffs d vapor and oil instead of d actual smoke. So dem ah blaze up all in d courthouse and d Whitehouse ! Oh !

  4. the other day I was looking into selling drugs . I came to the conclusion it not worth it . do the maths .SELLING DRUGS you work all around the clock minimum 70 hours a week. you cant turn off you phone when you reach home , You always affi a worry about who is gonna snitch on you .to many hands in one basket. farmer-airport/customs-whole sale- street-users.
    if you put the same hours to something legal you be successful in life

    1. Kudos to you fi look into di matta in a logical and intelligent way. You do your full research and siseh di ting nuh wut it one rass.
      A technology and ideas time now wi eena, one good app can set a man straight fi life and build generational wealth feem family. Betta di yute dem see how dem can benefit from the technology sector, guh learn how fi write codes and figet bout di drugs business. Also, whole heap a emphasis pon naturals and organics now, look pan di mount a wild bush a grow a yawd, smaddy can extract doze tings and create all kinda items. One place ova yah a sell coconut chips fi $6/pk and a mostly air eena di very likkle pack, not even qwata a one coconut eena di bag and a $6/pk, it name Hippie Snacks, taste very well to be honest, but nuh wut di price, but di yuppies buy it like it going out of style. Look how coconut deh a yawd a stone dawg, dat a easy business fi a enterpsing person venture eena. Whole heap a legit opportunities out deh fidi young focus pon.

  5. How come him still a hustle at almost 50? Dat industry is a 3-5 yrs ting, nuh no long-term employment situation.

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