Penny penny penny.
Stinking mouth penny why yuh nuh come off ah Di people dem name and start watch yuh likkle batty man son dale weh ah attend all Di battyman club dem ah westend. Nd watch dah likkle girl deh weh name millan yes Di likkle jacket who real father is Courtney melody who did use to play on the radio weh ah grow up just like har mix up whoring madda and stop put yuh next big foot daughter inna Di granny print dem cause it nuh look good when u ah wear di tallest ah Brazilian hair and yuh Pickny dem nuh look good. Yuh deh inna everybody business and ah yuh ah tek Di most man inna Di whole ah Europe. Penny yuh ah cradle snatcher yuh love stand up ah Di school gate dem and ah tek weh Di people son dem. Yuh nuh bout 60? Penny yuh sneaking bad nuh bclatt. Penny ah nuh u did ah tek Di solider man(Britey twin dem father) fi how long and u and Di woman weh sell food ah friend mi hear seh u all guh Di man wedding gyal yuh bad. Penny ah nuh you did ah tek marsha baby father fi how long lol yuh never know wi know dem sumn yah. Ah nuh u did ah tek Di likkle bwoy deh from Brixton. Penny ah nuh you ah try tek weh Marvin from Di pretty girl weh work ah refils. How much dat wi gone now 4? A nuh u guh yaad weh day and guh tek Di likkle bby bwoy from jungle. Ole oman guh look afta yuh madda weh deh ah Di care home. Caaaah wait fi Di right person fi lick out Di whole ah yuh false teeth dem outa yuh head crasis gyal and stop call round fi find out people business cause yuh business stink ah rd.

6 thoughts on “WHO NAME PENNY PENNY?

  1. Yes buss out har business. Penny u love people business too much ole fukkiss. U fi stap watch gal front u a sadamite ole hag?

  2. yess!!!! Dat fi reach yuh ole gyal weh ah walk wid har front pon har head top. Nbody nuh bad like you. Ole skets

  3. Naw save dem penny thats y fire naw come back, ur pussy should be a shame of yu, mine ur own business and dont mek it spoil, old woman u nuh have ur mumma fi look alter, di big woman dem now a days love f**k befor dem go settle down,but if dem on earth overdose 40 trans plus and nuh man naw settle with dem, dem ole must rass curse, har friend betty lue nuh go jamaica go fine man to,, ,jungist man dem watt, we late her say betty lue go f**k young boy a jamaica weh day wen she go buried har breda, and come back a hype howw,she happy, she fine New love, MTC

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