Met a who really own the man because them may pen gal yah nuh stop f**k them one a media man n the sweetest pat a it the whole a them a fren to rass me confuse cause me nuh sure if it’s Serona Mizza bling ,r Tina the country bunkan from Beckford Karl man Tina how u dweet n u a married woman now me see y u husband lef u


10 thoughts on “WHO OWN DI MAN MI LOVE?

  1. You mean seh is this dirty looking thing in the blue in the top picture You want like really Home gurl..u haven’t travel pass maypen huh???

  2. Who in their right mind would look Dj Killa Filla unuh gal mussi well desperate to deh with him dwl, to make it worse him luv hype inna fake clothes dwl.

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