Met! Dem two gyal inna one crew name fantastic a TG!
Who does it belong to!!!
Shivanna a de one inna de hat she did she with splista weh died wa day uptown with de woman from land
De next is a f**y box one
Mi wa kno de owner


0 thoughts on “WHO OWN DI TIGHTS SET?

  1. Mi nuh know to ke di tops look different, in terms of the print. The owner may be the one inna di hat cuz she cut it, and mi nuh tink she wuda be suh Brite fi alter ppl things.

    1. Morning Itsme….Howdy. You’re right. It just looks to me like they bought the same outfit. Especially the top looks different in the formation of the leaves. Which suggests they are different cause when u have thousands of those outfits made…..the pattern won’t be exactly in the same order. But I don’t tink di girl in the hat cut fi har….it look like she either draw it up or tie it ina the back and I don’t know why cause that belly should be covered. Dwl But it looks like 2 separate outfits to me.

  2. Mi sure more than one was made in the factory, you are very boring and a big ole waste because even if them wear the same clothes, is it your own? Is it leaving you naked why you feel the need to screen shot, crop and send in long history as to who them deh wid and whatever because them have on the same clothes?! And the worse part is, a bet you same one beg yuh fren them to borrow clothes to! A bet you same one have fren weh come from foreign and seh, beg yuh a wear and all that, but anything fi throw dirt pon ppl name and feel better bout urself init?! Them think them too nice and you need to let them know their place don’t it…yeah man,you are the definition of a hater…

  3. Yes sender, yuh really have too much time, pan yuh han. Come talk di real reason, yuh Sen een diss story.

  4. If dem even did a share it what is that to you? We wearing clothes that other people wear all di tine, no new clothes nuh deh cause when u go in di stores and try it on and purchase it, hundreds tried it on before you. Dem all do expose seh Victoria Secrets and nuff other lingerie stores teck returns fi underwear..lol.

  5. It look like di same to mi, its just dat one girl kinda biggah dan di odda (wid di bress and den some) suh it tretch out mo..suh it look diffrant..anywho who cares if dem wah wear di same clothes..as long ah nuh fi mi..sendah is yours?

  6. Looks like 2 different suit… The leaf print on the tops are different and the front and top of the tights are different too… Very similar but not the same.

  7. @Tinan, I agree, exactly. There is no difference in the style of the two tops either, it’s just that zebra belly is a bit bigger and has bigger breasts, which means more skin to cover, hence the distortion of the pattern and the top looking shorter.

    With that said, who gives a f@ck???? American Apparel deh deh fi all and sundry!

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