me tyad a uno now mon every minute jj post this him baby post that uno sickening y jj nuh stop play with the ppl them gal pickney a tun them inna clown and stop make a fool of his self if a papers u married fah the gal deh most a fool cuz you n u babymada nah leff u fi stop it jj ur babymada a must idiot cuz me would a lef you longtime cuz u never tek

10 thoughts on “WHO OWN JJ?

  1. Damn damn the body language of desperation is screaming out in pic #2!!!man not even a touch the chick yooo!

    Ironically u would think that chick with his name tattooed on such lovely breastisis,love him more. …u would most likely be wrong. ..just look at pic2…no sah!thy name is WOMAN….rise up my queens n stop debase unnoselves.

  2. True, him stand up like board in the second one. Why these women can’t respect themselves? Look how man deh a road a dash weh

  3. the boy dnt even look right fi tru boy o boy man do anythin fo papers and a post on fb thats y them get f**k inma life woman wake up come to senses n kno what u worth uno nuh seee how them a kill uno off

  4. JJ baby mother is a hot cocky Sally, she f**k like there is no tomorrow. Him bring har fi a south and she go tek him fren. JJ a gal clown to ennu

  5. me kno jj baby mada anythin she do him he deserve it him f**k pon her all the years dem deh and all breed gal no him go married pon the gal all a them a some cartoon

  6. anything jj babymada do him him deserve it him beat the gal day in n out diss r up fi some fly get all outside baby so him get weh him deserve now him a do the same thin to the wife

  7. any thing weh jj get him deserve it him use to beat the gal a south every minute get all outside pickney f**k pon the gal day in n out karma is a bitch all a them is a mess

  8. @ anonymous 9:46 man nah dash weh a road, is either them GAY or belong to someone already. It is rare to find a Good man that respects and treat a woman how she is suppose to be treated. women need to stop let men treat them this way. Be independent and respect yourselves. I guess it has to do with insecurity and fathers being missing in their lives. We can’t fool suh.

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