0 thoughts on “WHO ROCKED IT?

  1. Good MORN ENTREPRENEUR MET! GOOD morn to all my independent bloggers not the Thiefing ones oonu gwey! One on the bottom wears it better no doubt! Met u site hot this morn saddle up cause them love come at u like a u Mek them stress a ugllly!

  2. Ooh gosh hate to admit this but bottom one actually rocked it better. It’s on eBay 4 $24 and they both would be better with out it

  3. Someone please tell Barbie 2 cute stop wearing fake red bottoms I never seen loubs like these ever made n then she put up her foot like them real

    1. They arent real by a long shot. The logo is missihg the sole would never be painted red it actually made of red material. Must I go on.. She just as bad at the rest of them. She take Pow up after him left leann and the so called family.

  4. Big pussy babba badda don’t look no were near good hate to admit it but man body show time as she call are self wear it better

  5. Which part a badda badda is too cute smfh that gal is as ugly as are muma and nothing about the family a dem is not cute , any way bottom pic wear it better

  6. Badda badda look lean up and sicken swallow too much cocky juice an walk and f**k ppl man not to mention clean up the dance floor like dog

  7. You want to tell me that’s two different females in those pics? I keep looking to see where the other person is…

  8. they both look oooglyyyy and dem fava animal pon di run one pon top look like ooogly women and one pon bottom look like ooogly mon shabba

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