38 thoughts on “WHO ROCKED THE LOOK?

  1. Nobody stole apple looks they both stole Mr chin looks from China. because both of them wearing a fake dress. Apple have so much money but still can’t buy a new bedroom set .a0ple that old plastic bed u got is not even the complete set because you don’t have the dresser nor the bedside tables and you been have this bed before you meet jaydon. Bitch please with yuh fake clothes , bag, belt, shoes, eye glasses ,fake body.guh learn fi read apple you ain’t no dam first lady. Go back to the hotel where you found jaydon with him woman and sit outside for 3hrs and cry. A KerryAnn yuh big friend tell everybody.guh buy house apple and stop rent people house and call it your own. Sets of fools.

  2. MZZZ. MET WHY GIVE HAPPLE SUCH A UNWORTHY PLATFORM. No one STOLE happle style.. Balmain doesn’t belong to happle. It’s only scamming allow her to have it next to her cracky cracky bleached out skin.Happle herself store the dress. Plus China have them in multiple colors for all to buy and where it how they choose…

    1. She wore the dress MUCH BETTER TOO. That belt Apple has on no mek it. The bootie no mek it. LESS IS MORE and wen me seh LESS, mi nah talk walk naked LESS but less fandangles. Dem teef an still no kno how fe rock dem so-called teefing brands smh… NEVA SEE COME SEE Apple an de rest a dem cyan walk inna nuff chicks shoes weh seh CHEAP AND CLEAN.

  3. REAL CHAT@@@@ apple doing over her new home for the holiday she was out furniture shopping with gina spectular the interior decorator and guess what she told Gina NO LIMIT on spending its no gina ig

    1. I have this one constant problem with Gina and that is she decorates all of them place the same,even if some things are different the layout is the same… I think she needs to take pictures and assure them it won’t be posted with their consent she just needs it in her portfolio as references and look back on each case and see what different style she do as she go along,even if they tell her like this she can suggest how about it with a twist.

  4. She never gave happle the platform she said “who rocked the look” . and I feel the girl in the black look more classier happle belt need to go

  5. Assuming Princess Apple wear fake stuff she still looks Drop dead gorgeous in my opinion.Nutten wrong if this chick copy Apple style cuz she can get IT.

    Gwaan thru Princess Apple,yuh stay SLAYING even when yuh FAKING :maho :kiss :hope

    1. Now there’s a thought…thank u ever so much Browning!!gonna put it on my bucket list n New year’s resolution I promise.Thanks again oo!

  6. omg really now so designers only.. designed now for Apple alone ??? You know dancehall people never seems to amaze me :hoax2 :hoax2 unno dam set a ediot never yet show inside your house or on the job , or even your kids report lmaoooooo :coffee: :coffee:

  7. They both rocked the fake Balmain dress well the English woman needs to wear tights not dissing anyone but her legs are not smooth enough to go bare

    1. Oh so Apple is just her nickname then rt cuz charlotte is her rt name??thank u sweet mi never realize. :alay :2thumbup

  8. No limit in z galleria??? That place is affordable oh pls . she need to go unlimited furniture or to the Versace furniture place and say no limit. Corny bout no limit you not gonna buy everything zgalleria and you live in a apartment still apple you too corny with your apple big ass head

  9. gina twin all a dem house , apple u should can go shop for ur house boo ,smh not even dat , oh shit when jay come a my fren house a she shop , shop ,proper shop to , ask him , apple a follow robbas , robbas have taste , happle u need gal fi fix u in every way ,shame , gal fix u house, u pussy, u jay, u kids, u mother cause u don’t,oh happle get a hold a ur man and urself,him look terrible beach face and him hand dem a fight for the bleach,happle jay going home to my fren ja ja ja ja ,u coming gril , happle u on board, jet blue apple, jet blue to Kingston ja ja , apple ja ja , fly ,apple fly ,INTERNATINAL HAPPLE SEE U AT JAY HOUSE WID ME GOOD FREN,NO COMPANY UNTIL HE RETURNS THKS



  11. Hehehehehehe … can’t fly international but have millions in real designer labels girl bye cause u not fooling anyone lmaoooooo but come to think of it 99%of dancehall celebrities cannot travel international :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak big up star Barbie a you say travel travel ,@apple see u in jam up pon the hill top breeze nice no true :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak drop a drung :ngakak :ngakak :mewek2 :mewek2

  12. @anonymous 8:59am apple don’t own a house apple a buy little stuff fi her rented apartment. And I’m near apple circle and fi gal Wey sey she hot and buy every brand a full time fi she change her plastic bed. Apple nuh buy no bed ,not even a new Mattress apple nuh buy. All Gina duh is full up them rented apt of silver bulshit stuff. Gina need to Meck sure apple put a new bed into her budget and a pool with a yellow stone next tuh it. Set of boasy bruck bitches.apple gal Wey have real money owns house u Inna america 20 years now and you so hype but yuh nuh own a house and yuh husband Suh hype and rich and travel to jamaica so often and nuh own a house nor vechile a jamaica unno cannot fool nobody. Unno a community laughing stock with uno fake clothes and booth .from apple tuh Robbas, tuh twinny ,tuh obeah working Tanisha image Wey lie Sey she own house with pool and blue stone. Birds of the same features really flock together

  13. Which one a di dress dem real cause they are similar but not the same…. A think a Ct Apple move the complex looks nice it have pool n thing.. But dem need a house.. Dis bag a brand n no house nor papers.. mi hear the lawyer a work pon apple papers member she have theifing record so its gonna take a little time.. Jay nah stop gi Apple bun thats no news.. she nuh care just gi har 2 bag n she good again.. dem life sad like… End a this month Jay gone a ja to him ja oman…

  14. They both live the same wannabe wish I was a celebrity lifestyle low self esteem no self worth. Funny both of there men are the same wannabe hype life bleachers and own nothing treat them like dirt but they accept it as what decent man wants a woman thats a dancehall fixture.

  15. Both these women are wannabe celebrity wanna live that type of hype lifestyle dancehall fixtures. They have low self esteemof themselves. Funny both of there men are wannabe hype up life bleach out old men that own nothing. What decent man wants these dancehall fixtures to be his Queen they all lack self worth and live for dancehall life
    we are in the 21st century just saying

  16. First of all its not apples dress didnt know she mek dress but see yah ah boutique dress. Dress mek fi wear for everyone not just apple ediat sender.

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