Met gud gud gal like she deh a Florida a war fi one boy weh name bubinyle met wen me fren a tell me I couldn’t believe and wen me see the gal weh she war me affi a wonder if she dat fool met she a gud girl but she need to run weh di boy him don’t fit Har met me hear seh she go a the gal yard go buck the boy and before she run the boy she go war the gal fi the careless boy the white bmw fi har own and u barely see she in it a him mostly drive it gal lef big top man go pick up club boy loose affa yuh

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  1. A Tesha Miller baby mother Cecilia, and it nuh surprising cause all she do is walk and tell lies and involve in a mix-up.

  2. Unnu suck unnu mumma anybody weh put up this doe have no life cuz the gurl doe even talk to people! Unnu weak nuh bombocalt cuz Unnu no identity self ah post up! Lame bitches she owns a BMW what do u have?! No f**king life bitches!

  3. At Benfoot aka curios u just a Lil hater the girl look decent unnu suck unnu mother and find something to do nobody don’t even know the girl leave decent people alone if she did mix up everybody Inna fort Lauderdale would have known her go find something to do Lil waise and leave the people dem alone

  4. Like seriously can people stop trying to make other people life a hell just because dem a live in hell kmft sender this site is for dutty dance hall fort Lauderdale people not f**king people Dat don’t even talk to people are go to clubs and @benfoot aka curios I bet u broke and hungry and the girl alright f**k man if she wahh fight a gal a fi Har bisness

  5. People wack as f**k yes we see a pretty girl and she drive a BMW lol sender we are looking for dirt on people not achievements and benfoot aka curios sound like a hater and u the one send the story cause u the only one I see so far with negative feedback back and u sound jealous me live a fort Lauderdale fi years I never see this girl yet so how she always Inna mix up met I tell u bout people and them mek up story

  6. Met really sender nuh have nothing to do man met u fi stop mek them send u f**kery story cause this look a just somebody have up this girl cause me a party promoter and I never see this girl before are hear of her people just need fi stop the hate yow and benfoot aka curios it really sound like a u send inn the story cause u the only one know her and have bad things to say if u have something against the girl go to her and stop waise we time

  7. Yow really met me know dah girl yah from yard and them girl yah is a walking bomb and u wouldn’t know dem girl yah don’t even smile wid people and if u diss har she will just laugh cause fi someone diss are dem muss nuh know har met she humble dem eva use the gal fi har money suh any gal send inn this she mussi stop give them har money hey gal go suck a hood and low the girl and stop spread rumors on the girl and go luk a life met even the dutyy sender her self seh a good girl

  8. look here man uno try gwaaann and lowe mi!! the post say
    “A who she?” cleary asking a question and mi answer!! this is a PUBLIC website and i gave my honest opinion, i know the girl and know for a fact a so she stay sometimes, that don’t mean she is a bad person, just that weh dem sender a seh nuh surprising mi! And the whole a we weh walk pon earth we have a good side and a bad side and i’ve had the pleasure to experience both from her. Whatever!! who nuh like mi comment such is life….naw guh get mi argue with a soul via beating up a keyboard lol

  9. Jah people really idle met I know who name bubynile and if a him woman she is pretty met wen the boy dem pick the dutty gal dem weh f**k out fort Lauderdale unnu chat all these things and now the boy have a gud woman unnu a send post but how the gal fi run weh the boy smfh these fort Lauderdale people kmft unnu leave the boy alone man and go find something to do

  10. Oh boy @benfoot aka curios don’t u have anything to do more than waising people precious time by sending inn the girl picture and a talk all this f**kery and we don’t care bitch go wash yuh stinking pussy and go weh man all unnuh do a walk and mix people take this to Facebook or instagram cause it nuh ready fi pink wall gal met me see the girl before but never talk to her the girl have up Har things and she is so quiet a just sum bad mine hungry people send in this and all them do a wais them time cause no one care anyways gud nite met

  11. @bendfoot aka curios u said anything the sender send don’t surprise u you is a Lil miserable hole gal suh u make up story and a try paint a bad picture of the girl cause nobody on Here don’t know the girl are hear seh she Inna mix up but u bitch I bet while u sitting round that key board u hungry u and yuh kids them and bet u live a Florida and immigration a hunt u down unu yes unnuh ilegal bitches and hungry bitch always trying to bring down others yes u have to hide cause u know bullet will tek yuh body gal suck yuh mada big pussy gal yuh story need some spice homeless gal (met me know the girl and even tho we ain’t frens like that u can ask anybody and they could tell u that everything is a lie because me ask everybody and dem seh a lie the girl never Inna nuh fight not even argument people is so wicked big up met all the time

  12. Morning met people really boring eeh we cum pon yah fi see suss bout danchall people not a church going person lol met we need fi send after darkclan fi dah sender yah ennuh lol dwl anyways met ago catch sum rest fi work lata suh bless up yuh self

  13. Cecilia don’t own no rass BMW ah the next gyal own a BMW Cecilia not even live no wear she ah stay at bubynile yard with him and him motha ah the next met she the one with the money mi hear sah she from N.Y. and own ah BMW And Ah Benz Cecilia ah war with the next gyal and bubynile not even want Cecilia every party bubynile go to you she the pretty brown girl with him

  14. Mi see Bubynile next Woman the brown gal And she look way betta than dah gyal yah name Cecilia ah Cecilia post this of herself ah try style dah man bubynile cause him left her and live with the brown gal

  15. Ah dah next gal from N.Y.she ah dah one with money Cecilia not even live no wear ah bubynile mada house she ah stay mi hear the gyal from N.Y. ah she drive BMW Cecilia don’t own a rass BMW the next Met Own BMW and Benz so she ah hype cause she seen the next gyal things mi see bubynile in party nuff party with the browning and in nuff pictures with the browning

  16. Goodmet and unknown3 unnu see unnu post the same thing twice unda 2 different name Fi show unnu how unnu bad mind and sorry! Smh no like me nuh get unnu! Whoeva ah gi dem whack sorry yah dats not even true don’t even know the half bout Cecilia cuz if unnu did unnu wud dah know fi write say she ambitious and have up har things but unnu come pon pinkwall ah write f**kry bout ppl weh unnu doe know shit bout, unnu sorry it wud dah be more rasscalt interesting if ah neva one person ah post unda 2 different name! Met some ah them suss yah doe even mek bloodcalt sense @goodmet and unknow3 go make a resume get a job cuz it obvious u nuh ave one bloodcalt Fi do Fi mek 2 profile ah post at the same damn time girl bye! Bye felicia!

  17. Afternoon met)let me give u the real story brown girl work at the hair store the day wen everthing happen I was there even wen her mom called met yes the girl name Cecelia do drive a white BMW and yes brown girl drive a blue BMW and she does not own a Mercedes and the girl that drive the white BMW thats the boy right out woman even brown girl admit wen she came to work and brown girl does not have money its her family that have money she work same place at the hairstore and make the same as us after the whole incident brown girl cum at work talking about everything even her mom called and people did a talk to her mom and a tell her mom wat happen They even got police involve cause brown girl seh she feeled use The boy tell brown girl bay lie met both of the girls not ugly they both look nice met this happened over 1month the person weh send inn this must just hear cause it happen and it wasn’t anything big for someone to hear they must work a the hair store to and people the brown girl and the boy not to gether the boy live with is woman know that for a fact so people unnuh stop draw the girl dem Inna story weh nuh go suh it dead and gone long time unnuh low it now man it don’t even important all unnuh a do is wais met time and the people dem time nobody know the girl them and unnuh stop tell lie a mussi 4 picture the boy deh pon with the girl and u could a never tell dem did inna something cause the picture take as if they were frens anyways met a must be the 2girl them frens a go back and fort cause nobody know these girls like dat all said an done met all them a do a wais a yuh time cause it’s not that big for your page met

  18. People watch how unnu a pose the lie dem cause it also prove how dumb u are @gudmet @unknown3 @badpeople u say the girl name ceceilia live a yard with the boy and him mother and u say him live a brown girl yard to lol (met) I know for a sure no one know that brown girl is from new York but people close to her lol met no one know her mom owns a Mercedes nut people close to her lol met I know cause I work at the same place (lol met u see wat I’m saying they frens posting all these stuff lol hair store tun up yah now wen me show them Why them , Neva put up seh brown gal get fired and nuh stop called back fi Har job if she have money why she a called back fi job that don’t even pay that gud met me nah bash Har but why them a bash somebody else people this page is not for mek up story met me gone yah cause my back nuh broad and I can’t tek a handcuff inna the day yah Lata met me nah pick side me just a correct the lies that’s all

  19. @hairstore everybody no who u is ah keyshia to bloodclot with your mix-up rassclot self and u can’t do hair bitch u need fi put the curling iron done it don’t look good

  20. Nobody don’t no who the brown girl is and if her family have the money why would see be calling back for her job @hairstore you should like You are picking side and it sounds like if you have proublems with the brown gyal so u ah try style har mi Eva see browning ah drive different gud up cars

  21. If its Cecilia man why no body don’t see him and her and why every party ah him and browning And if ah her BMW Where it dah ?The gyal Cecilia lie and too mux-up cause bubinyle forever with dah brown gal she all deh Inna him music video where was the black gyal Cecilia mi feel as if bubinyle and Cecilia both workless fi ah stay ah mada yard about she own white BMW the gyal not even live no wear

  22. Ah Cecilia post dem things hear and she don’t have no life fi ah try post things like this to big up herself when you workless fi fight the gyal fi ah man wah not even have dry shit Inna him batty and him not even own you as him woman don’t u see him left the black one Inna the yard and ah carry out pretty brown Young gyal she ah try fi make her friend loom good ain’t nothing good about fighting over ah man wah broke and not giving u nothing and that goes both woman dah black and brow one

  23. Just a pass back this story met honestly read gud wat the sender say and cleary it was bashing the girl on the pic and Now me a go back thru the comment dem and one thing me put together is no one say anything about brown girl but out the blues she appear met a the same person send inn the story and because nobody nah team up on the girl them start talk a bag a things they just show us who really send the story but people should know not because u have a personal problem wid people dat doesn’t mean unnuh cum on here with it make sure story is true because on here we don’t fight people personal bottles for them met u nuh see everbody don’t even look on the post dem just pass it that mean it nuh Really important like that Unnuh go find sumn do and people @benfoot aka curios didn’t say anything bad she say the girl is a gud girl but she also have sum ways it sound to me dem was frens but not any more anyways met catch yuh Lata

  24. All of Them Story ah Lie mi no both gal and the Whole thing is a Lie The GAL Cecilia did ah look fi her man that day and can’t find him she been no bubnyle and browning been ah deal from long time cause browning been with him from when she just come move down from N.Y. and Cecilia motha know bubnyle motha from Jamaica them gud friends days and true Cecilia ah move down from Jamaica and don’t have a place fi stay him motha take her in now boom browning been with DA workless boy fi 2years now and Cecilia been with workless boy fi ah 1year now so now everything ah gwan gud now so bubnyle most make moves pon cecelia and now she take it like mi no you dah with browning but well me live with u so we together so whole time she been new about browning all seen dem Inna party and don’t say nothing cause remember she was just ah kotch ah him motha yard as friend until she gets on her feet so as the White BMW goes ah bubynle friend car not Cecelia car mi no cause mi use to be friends with DA gal she don’t even have her license But anyways Boom! She gah ah browning job ah look fi DA workless man and Cant find him fi 7days him not even live ah him motha yard him live with him friend cause DA mother say well since him never there mi ah go give Cecilia your room when she come down so boom now Cecilia ah look fi DA workless boy and make it pon har self fi call up hairdresser gal cause ah her friend fi meet up with browning at the work place cause hairdresser gal work same place as browning and hairdresser gal been no wah gwan from long time cause bubnyle ever Inna DA store ah bring browning food and ah pick her up and ah drop her off when him ah use browning car cause DA workless boy don’t own no car yet well boom DA hairdresser gal tell Cecilia about it now cause hairdresser think him ah her wify and hubby lol so she as her mix-up self run go chat but Cecelia act like she Neva no but true thing she been no browning and bubynile been DA together boom so she buck up browning ah DA job and ah talk ah bag ah things ah say how them live together and how she ah breed fi DA man lies she tell so browning said to her well him ah live double life den ah talk gud gud like den some long time friend fool but now browning must of said how ya live together but him live with me all him clothes Inna browing yard long story short Cecelia follow browning home from DA job and buck up bubynle so cecelia said now so bubynle who is she and u ah love double life and this is where u live and bubnyle said what u doing yah take way ur self so now bubnyle jump Inna him friends car so all Cecilia ah talk and ah run off lips den all ah say how bubynle ah make her pussy ah itch her peer things so she go ah bubynle friend car and ah knock Pon car window fi talk to DA workless boy and him not answering her but now browning gah DA window him answer her and ah talk to browning now so it ah bun Cecelia fi see how DA man just dis her up so she said have her bubynle have her lol boom everything done now and Cecilia still ah talk with browning now so bubynle drive off now and gone so little mins late u see when him left him ah call browning phone and ah talk to browning and ah try explain and browsing put it on speaker fi make Cecelia lesson and now it ah bun cecelia so she ah say now have her bubynile u can have her Inna DA background now cecelia drive gah where DA boy kotch ah him friend yard fi talk to DA workless man and bubynile nah talk to her him ah walk way walk way so now browning pull up and ah dash out all of DA workless boy bubynile clothes dem out of her car and cecelia seen DAT now and it bun her fi now sah bubnyle really did ah live with browning and not with him friend so she ah try fight browning now cause she ah say how browning style her man fi dash out him clothes like that fool an ah make her own hairdresser friend ah call her ah fool mi no sah Cecilia dont have a BMW ah true she see browning with ah BMW she ah try hype up herself all ah tell DA brown gal how him ownly want u fi yah things let DA workless boy move one side man so ah DA real story that !

  25. Met u can’t run dem dutty people yah off yuh page @ miami47 me agree with u none a this make any sense it just sound like f**kery no one cares so unnuh go somewhere else with this rubbish man Met to me it’s just sum Lil gal in dem feelings and send in this f**kery and because them naah get back the feedback them want they start cum with all these story People pink wall don’t condole personal beef as wat @ miami47 say so if u have something with someone and u don’t have enough dirt on the person don’t send inn false story are spread lies on any one cause we don’t condole these stuff pon we gud gud punkwall

  26. People it say dancehall celebrity Miami so if she nuh inna the spot light u can’t expect people ago comment negative at yuh post cause we can’t comment on someone we don’t know are never hear about point of my of story dis nuh ready fi we good good wall So sender u and your frens take this up on Facebook are instagram cause u won’t get wat u looking for on here which is people bashing the girl

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