0 thoughts on “WHO WIN DIS ROUN?

    1. Opal win flying!!! Her dress fits better, shoes look better and her face looking better of late. Keep it up Twinny.

  1. One on the left looks elegant she didn’t over do it. Twinny sandal wrong it throw off the dress big time, cause mi c twinny every other day she no cut a dash she looks same everyday. But I give her wat is due to her at least she try change up her wardrobe she no coming like man royal scamming Weh inna body suit everytime mi c har.

      1. LOL, @ Metty response, but come on now Metty affa dat nuh impossible cauz memba ur linky dem nuff eh nuh, so u gots ears and eyes here there and every where nuh so???, maye 1 a yuh whistling bird drop it in a yuh inbox, Lol

        1. Tenk yuh, nah go inna no inbox, from weh mi vestgate i hear seh Natalie and Twinny kick off cause Natalie did ah Banatan Shana and Twinny friendship and ah Natalie walk and talk seh Shana ah wear twinny ole bruck so di altercation stawt and Mi hear seh Shana rush Natalie, dem seh it post pon IG *run gone research*

  2. The one on the left has a completed look it looks well thought out and elegant, the one on the right her hair being straight blends into the dress coupled with the red lipstick givies her a morticia Adams/ cruelly deville look however I must say the dress fits her better. So I’ll give it to lefty

  3. D floor pan d right look shiner….. lol Im just kidding d chick on d right (Mi nuh know har but everone else is calling her twinny so I’ll just go with d crowd on this one) Twinny is rocking d dress more, maybe she could have selected another shoe to go with d dress, or if it didnt go all d way up to d knee, maybe i wld like d look even more,I dont know but she got it lock and I think she knows, it shows in her stance and d level of confidence she exhumes. But for argument sakes, yuh can just imagine if these 2 chicks attended d same party dressed in dis same outfit, dat wld an must feel strange, i guess fi har name sake she cld an just seh dem a twin, oh well mi nearly get carried away,….
    Thats all Folks , The End!

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