Met u don’t think something is wrong with the world we live in today when we have to ask if a man or woman wear the same outfit better??

5 thoughts on “WHO WORE IT BETTER?

  1. They both rocked it well. Rihanna Tyra Naomi Beyonce and many more have posed in suits. If done right it looks good.

  2. When we tuned in every week to watch tv shows and reality shows with gay characters and laughing like idiots. Saying how funny they are and stealing their one liners. This is the end result now we just have to deal with it. Now they are everywhere man dressing in women clothes wearing makeup, wearing high heels calling themselves girls? women dressing like man and calling themselves man.

    It’s gonna take an act from the great one above to put a stop to all this madness and nonsense.

  3. It is fine when a gay or lesbian or whatever they are classifying themselves to be now a days, be who you feel that you were born to be but when you start asking to share a locker room or a bathroom with women and or children that is when we need to stop already, you are getting married and you are having children and you are reaping all the benefits of living a life like a man and a women would why should you be able to share these things with women, build another bathroom for transgender and why I say this, what they are trying to do will open the door for men who lust over children an easier chance to molestation a child because they can say they are transgender and go into a women’s bathroom and easily take a child if their in the restroom or locker room alone… I do not think allowing them to do that will be a good idea… Most of gay men and women are rich and will do whatever they need to do to pass a law on their behalf…

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