1. Remember ‘dunce’ mek more money from illicit activities than smaddy wid sense, cause dem can’t calculate the risk to return ratio..suh dem nuh know when fi stop…suh de government mek prisons fi dem…all expense paid Taj Mahal…LOL

  1. Bitch please. You spend $6000 on a pocket book and the store still charges you delivery fee. Go somewhere with your dunce self.

    1. You saw that too? lol She live in that zipcode ? ’cause the stores that carry those price tags aren’t found in the hood.

  2. she don’t read here, did she not see the girl that was wearing the stolen clothes on fb that got caught. Don’t she know that those bags have serial numbers, let me go check if any of my credit cards end in 1989…

  3. You know mi have di exact same bag…mi get it inna di flea market fi $20 doah lol.
    I hope dat bag plan fi feed, clothe an tuck u in at night time.

    1. Mi fren eva tell mi bout dis tunt up thift shop. She bringh me go deh, an i find a mint condotion. Vintage Christian Dior, clutch fi $10. Yes it real mi had it authenticated. Weh she see it, she did waan push mi dung. Mi know she igonorant she bring me go.

  4. Morning metty……so she tek her hard earn, 6grand an buy a dam purse..wow….har she a 1 a dem weh inna credit card fraud. …..if so she post that shhht, pon social media…no man, show off gonna be unnu downfall, ifa so….guess she no watch news r read papers, bcus the feds say dem no affi leave there office to fine criminal, just go pon social media….

  5. Robert mi see it sey your priorities are in good order. Yuh fortunate my girl where you can afford a $6K bag and do not have a job. Causen sey we all know that Ms Claffy Daffy not buying yuh not even a box food. Big up :2thumbup I hope the credit card is really yours and yuh pay more than the minimum amount when the bill come/came.
    Dancehall life and social media is going to be the end of some of you and as soon as unuh get inna trouble the first word out of unuh teifTing mounth is ‘badmind’

    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO SAH______________________________________________________________________________ it is here say ROBERT :tkp

  6. DWRCLLLLLL!!!!…..Anonymous seh show paycheck….. DWRCLLLLLL!!!!…….Paycheck???? Anonymous you is killing me…paywhat??!?

  7. Hello Met, don’t you find it strange that Robert never posted receipts of all the other bags and things she has. What so special about this one?
    Real vs Fake.
    Where is the receipt for the “Berkin”
    Inquiring eyes wants to know Bobbie

    1. Den Robert own Berkin n get lock up fi a terrorize Sephora things lmaooooooooooooo not a no Berkin u tawking about 25G’s n upward bobby n daffy haffi a share one $8 food many a days so whey she get Berkin bag from kmft no meck dem fool unnu

  8. Then if so rich why Daffy did a sell fake $10 ticket weh day yah and get ketch? A ppl credit unnu a live offa. The two a unnu wah rub dung wid some grade a steel wool

  9. ok so you purchase a bag for $6,000.00 but……u have a truck that you pay for monthly which is in tricias name. has it ever occured to you to pay off for your truck so that if anything tricia nuh tek it from you…..you and ur sis sit and brag about clothes and shoes but u dont have any education.. is this what your mom is proud of, but then again you all go out to steal together so i guess so the mother so di daughters.. everything is going so fast but u guys seem comfortable talking about clothes, bag and shoes…your sis went to vegas, los angeles and all bout yet still her son so called disney trip is yet to happen, well i must applaud you lot on ur priorities, you guys really have it together. God help our souls, when we live in in a world where thieves and small minded crooks are idolized.

  10. I am asking you all very kindly, to please leave these dancehall celebrities alone and stop bad mind them..leave the badmining up to the feds and prosecutors who will deal aid dem case…this will be my last warning to my JMG peeps…let them brag and post everything on social media..they are no longer our problem :ngakak

  11. Mi nuh rass business a bbcl Bobette come me want a friend like you cause da 6000 dey woulda pay me fare and pocket money fi go Jamaica Bobette come here me like you.. Show me how you make that money girl cause da 9-5 ya naa cut it a rass… Big up your self.. Lol lol

  12. MET 6,000 for the bag and her beloved father has left us about 5/6 years now madda breast do.. Sister body do bobette body do all yes dem body do.. Line backer baby siesta do belly & batty lift and all know daddy can’t get ah tombstone.. It don’t look good Batty Claffy Daand daddy still don’t have a tombstone shame dem..
    Met doooo nuh run fi yuh BMX bike today come help mi over stand dis thing here

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