159 thoughts on “WHY KASI WHY?

  1. Sas’ crise, it better she Loi out the commenting thing, people dem out fi get her. I’m puzzled what the hell they doing on that island, them must tired a each other, no wonder they’re constantly on the net. No stray pu$$¥ for Usain becaz obviously ppl go there with them spouse. Bora Bora is the ideal vacation spot for boring ass people, from what I’ve read not much is there to do, only persons that are not accustomed to beautiful seas and scenery would appreciate it, but we Jamaicans are surrounded by beautiful scenery and water, so Bora Bora is like a Ochi. Look it up

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. A bare Ole ppl go dey fi peace and quiet. Bolt wish him could blink and reach Taboo right right now. Yuh know how much time him say to himself bloodclaaaaaaat tiddey a just Monday how mi a go mek it to Friday….. :ngakak :ngakak

      KASI MI TELL YUH THIS WAS A TEST AND YUH FAILING BADLY. Not even the batty wash dem cyah revive this. :hoax2

      1. All hail Canada! :maafaganwati

        Me did a try beg Met fi show mercy, but now me convince she nah no pride.

        Me count pennies today day just cause me rather struggle than settle fi name, house, car and man money. Kasi nah no pride.

        1. PP mi seh dat from long time she dont have nothing about har no shame nothing…Which is very suspect for a woman that should be inlove

        2. Hey hunny…nuh shame Inna dat mi love… she void of pride and shame…this trip for her is ultimately a prove thing but it’s a prove thing for Bolt as well…pity she nuh know.

          1. A was trying to fight fi har but a good ting me know when we wait:d :d

            2minutesago was the first I ever go on a social page belonging to her…it is so “cold” over on IG. May as well did carry company.

  2. Wow did not have a clue she was dating his brother first 🙁 if that’s true it’s not a good look . Now i see why ppl really think low of her xxxxxxxx i guess she has a real poor background and need bolt money really bad .

      1. I was saying the same thing Met, if dailymail ever get this, she dun. Any woman that f**k two brothers is a johncrow, that’s why she has zero shame and no moral scruple. She is not leaving the money and Usain is a dog shit to f**k and trying to wife his brother’s wat lef.

  3. WAP WAP WAP OUCH THAT HAS GOTSSSTAAA HURT. f**ka like she serve ar right….mi say ppl a di most boring vacay mi eva see…if you listen good yuh can hear the candle pon di dinna table a flick to rass….Speaking of flick shouldn’t Kasi be busy boom flicking it pon the world buddy…. :ngakak :ngakak what Kasi minions ah go run een a and say now??? Get ready MET dem a warm up dem fingas…5 4 3 2…

    1. Marie u did seh it cause aint no way someone a enjoy demself and a troll social media like dat..Kasi vuckayshun in distress

  4. No sah met da gal deh done kasi mi like har, whoring kasi a gwaan like she a miss top celebrity she fi memba say she use to f**k sadiki mi say if bolt nuh fool den mi nuh know him need fi go fix him dutty teeth and learn fi speak proper English old fool country boy

  5. She aint that famous cuz u woulda see #clapback by now from her fave @balleralert or @shade aint nobody give a fck. Come to think of it a probably that she a look damn dumb dumb

      1. dailymail is a UK paper but a di US section a it always highlight bolt. Check bck fr di scandals to now the engagement it’s not on the UK version of the paper only the US.

  6. Kasi seh har fave cause she a try score balleralert points and she know if a egg jamaicans dem ina di red and a bathe in the white………. :ngakak

  7. Baby and First lady finally get one and one time and every snap a post dem deh pon phone! How dem fi even find time fi deh pon snap?

    Kasi di time you deh pon phone you tek in the luxury cause we know him nuh treat you to exclusive things and you nuh go nowhere pon a regular!

  8. Dead I see where one person said to her her vacation must be boring lmaoooooo Kasi is looking attention lmaoooo who goes on vacation and trolling on Baller Alert Girl bye

    1. Kasi if this is you go write KASI AND BOLT WAS HERE Inna the sand….Put wah big heart round it and tek 2 rass pic….mi would atleast say u a do sumn other Dan a tan yuh naked batty Inna that special sun that don’t shine Inna Jamaica…..before yuh come ask fi wi help yuh a come chat…..mi have a few suggestions but u gwan affi ask nicely. MET a is that ip from bora Bora luv????????

      1. Mi never even check because mi know maybe a cuss someone waa we cuss Kasi..Kasi know over here stay blazing she not going to do that

  9. Stargirl_oki u no fe class nobody cause you bring the whole a ny come a Jamaica come geh Troy French weh deh wid a gal Inna the 50 states and the 14 parishes of Jamaica

    1. Mi seh dat nasty ting deh unda every post bout di gyal kmt. It alrite fi ave yuh opinion and even express it but da gyal tek it every weh, to di point shi deh pon kasi page ah harass har wid odda ppl. Stalker low life bitch

  10. She ok nuff gal do worst bolt knows what a gwan. If a batty wash he wants he found the correct gal . Pure freaky shit a gwan . Money is the root to all evil

  11. Das why she can stick around bolt an nuh feel no way an wah him duh no jerk had cause… She a Dutty lesbian!! tell unnu bout di batty lickings it reach but it nuh ripe ooooooo
    Suh now Mi undastand…. Bolt mine Yuh s3lf oooooo.
    She naw and will neva get nuh ring di man want a gal wah ago love him likkle piece a hood him have.. an Yuh luv pussy so a wah Kasi really a try… Lowe di man Dutty lesbian gal
    All you usain a wah so you Yuh Caah pull di right gal so yuh mek Yuh lesbian Secretary get gal fi yuh… Unnu sick Mi God know… Yuh know say mi coulda neva t3k usain cause mi sleep wid di bredda.. God know Mi couldn’t dweet… Mi woulda shame but mi understand now… She can neva love Yuh usain if a dat yaw look fah.. lesbian naw go luv Yuh my youth…. So yaw tell Mi say instead of a stiff dick Dutty Kasi want a stiff clit… Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  12. I’m disappointed with Kasi & Bolt, Bolt is athlete win how much medal, him a Kasi a run down hype life, who can’t hear will surely feel.

    Look at every other couple who run down hype, it don’t end well!

    Kasi you was with the brother cool your self, no need for the hype.

    Usain you is supposed to be a role model you might not of lost out on endorsements but a lot of people have lost respect for you.

    Enjoy your travels and stop mix up your self

  13. All of y’all would be posting /snapping just the same…it may not be every second but im sure y’all would be sharing some of the moment / scenery..everybody does it, married couples from all walks of the earth does it.. on the other hand I wouldn’t have time to be commenting/browsing etc… That’s definitely showing they both caught up elsewhere and not really enjoying each other to the max.. The phones should be on pause and BOLT u done see u Oman look like manmascot to the world yet ya post the gal a paddle di sinting while you a “party” and a snap then pon top of it u captions dem mek she look like a reallll life baboon …

    1. I might be snapping and posting pictures, but I won’t be arguing with girls on balleralert and instagram. Those snaps that Bolt posted of her rowing and him listening to music about no time for commitment while she’s looking crazy playing in the ocean says everything.

      1. Is how the song miss me. You have the name and artist MET affi reload the juke box….WHOIIIIIII :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak MI kaint manij at all….

  14. One ting wid met…she split justice naaaah lie

    Met mi luv u..big up uself

    But this girl tho a real talk..wehday me deh pan a mini vacay a negril n a me ALONE de de..n fod knw to how ma enjoy it..a long afta mi go home me post pics smh..most ppl have money but still dnt happy

    Di kasi girl seem nuff n plentiful tho..she nuh xclusive at all..fi a f**k bolt

    1. I pray when Kasi come to her senses she can live wid herself because more time u do some things and play it off but when reality drop dung pan u it harsh bad..

  15. Di person seh Kasi fi tell Usain fi go brush him tongue cause him mouth corner ………… sexy lexy a one vicious piece a machine she nuh human oo :hammer

  16. Mi lose off a Bolt Fi a big athlete him love the mix up and the gossip blog features too much. Him a move like a fame hungry reality star. Is like the man nuh know sey him is a real star. SMH

  17. So nobody don’t catch the “bun” snaps?? Mi fren say maybe is a play on words…mi tell dem that him no suh smart fi do that. Mi cah figure out why she tek off the weave she had on before. Now mi nah really comment on hair…mi just ah wonder why him ah mek it an issue? Bolt…don’t forget the young lady is “black” even though you like call her white or vanilla…we know those other women u did just mow down last week did have hair fi heng on to…but don’t forget that’s how our hair stay when we don’t have salon to go to in bora bora. When mi hair nuh have in weave or extension as the Caucasian folk call it…mi haffi wear mi hair inna bun too cause mi can’t do it myself. Hush Kasi…him like the white gyal dem hair…but don’t forget he’s on vacation with you…while he’s making sure the other women seeing his abs on snap when him backa yuh…ok. Oil him up for the ring hunni…your morals dash weh so just shoot for the stars! You’re so close…

    1. Did you catch the song playing in the background while she was out in the ocean? I would be on the next flight out of there.

      1. Lol I just went back and listen to it…him really dat smart fi send message through song? I doubt it…but then again…lyrics say relationship slow down the vision and not ready for commitment or some sh*t like that…lol subtle but maybe a tru…good catch :bingung

  18. Mi seh Ooonoo ditty nasty Jamaica gal wha Mek Ooonoo bad mind suh? Yll don’t like see no one happy that gal salty bitch I bet you wish you could even suck his sick or even be as close to lick his ass!!! Leave the bloodcloth gal alone Ono too pussycloth bad mind. So Whapen if she want give her man 3 some? A fi Ooonoo bloodcloth business many women to that Michelle Obama too this is 2016 so all Ooonoo nasty gal whey lick out some lame Ass nigga ass and suck Dem dick and they can’t help oonoo fi ole yll bloodcloth corner and chill. How the hell she is a side piece when usain have her all over his snap for the world to see. Left the bloodcloth gal alone nasty bitches taking dicks in yo ass and mouth for nothing. She in bora bora with the worlds fastest man and yll stay on the internet hating ole Internet trolls can’t even swing a pitch. MET and you hate the gal to you like negativity it’s sad. Oonoo life sorry nuh bloodcloth a s miserable that’s why oonoo can’t stand no one happy. Some a oonoo talking bout the gal pussy do t even have a pussy fi talk bout cause oonoo done from 12 years old. Guh suck oonoo muma and left di gal a 2016 stop act like oonoo have the gal pussy pin oonoo forehead and know what she doing with it. Suck oonoo Mada, you too met with you negative ass

    1. We goodly love Kasi more dan she love herself this 2016, mi love mi mother so mi will suck har but maybe if u suck yours she might poison cause u tongue clean up battam and yuh mouth swallow di germs.

      1. Mettttt guh over Famelousent quick!!! Sexxy Lexy done a gal again. No sah she must be a metter wid that mouth!!! She is terrible

          1. Afternoon MET….Mi say MET she is a savage…all mi can do a read and dwl..Kasi try nuh test dis girl bc she can’t manage ar

    2. Kasi, is this you?

      I’m tired of your attention seeking whoring habits, girl please none of us want your life.

      Your gold digging took you to Bora Bora and your crib and bank account is a hot mess.

      I might start hating when he transfers a few million but until then GTFOH

    3. Smaddy pass me the Raid…..this one a go cause infestation pon di site…no batty wash endorsements round yere… you a sick B God know…..eeeewwwwwwwwwww

      1. She waa seh dick and seh sick instead. A so mi know God is good cause dat buddy must be sick from rio to now it sick fi true :angel

  19. Yes, I did notice the ‘bun’ snaps but it just look he is so bored him just cuss her for the sake of it, when he was in London with Sam n co he seemed much happier.

    But Kasi really is working for that holiday she rowing him around the ocean then she had to oil him……werk girl you better werk!

  20. so I’m just gonna type like how Kasi and Bolt speaking on their snaps…like dem raise inna foreign…cause proper English different from accident…I mean accent the 2 of them catch. I agree that they must be sooo bored. If you are into each other you simply have no time to be arguing with people on social media. Now, the 2 of them are 2 clowns that’s a given. Kasi, we know you’re there for the hype…cause as soon as story buss that you’re his gf…you write that you have an assistant in your profile lol girl please…or should I say continue to rise to the top. Bolt, now, as great as you are…mi know you’re as bored as sh*t at the moment because your ego larger than large and even though 2 days of resting and s*xing is ok…mi know seh is downhill after that cause you like to be occupied or have nuff people roun u. Now if you go and propose to this chick…you actually dumber that I thought and I hope she tek you for everything u have…cause if she did love you…she would make you work for her and she not sharing you with random bitches…but u know what…ah she smart…she making sure you focus as much as possible on her during the boring trip…but is ok honey…your mateys waiting to sort u out when u come back…mi post all ova do place but so it go when circus and poppy show ah gwan…soso confusion

  21. I have so many questions…but anyhow….I see people defending her and saying that’s their private life…but being on social media…don’t you want the public to see it? And I see people saying she come from money…ok…but…does she have ambition? Bolt…go ask her where she sees herself in a couple years…her hopes and dreams…ask her what she would be doing if she wasn’t making sure to secure YOUR hard earned $$…I just curious….lawks mi curious…. :hope

    1. People use the come from money loosely .. Because are mada sista married to. A Golding ..Kasi mada I think is a coolie Oman from old harbour bay …

  22. Met, from her instagram a few moments ago.

    mz_kiabAyeee? With all the cheating he’s been doing y’all should be staying in a bungalow. I guess he spent to much $$$ on them other whores

    kasi.b@mz_kiab Moana Private Estate Beach Villa Four Seasons Bora Bora; since you hate it when I’m humble. Go google that. Have a nice day. I’m waiting

    1. wait deh______________________________________________________ dis did plan long time so she tink Bora Bora is har own likkle private island? That girl is all about the money she needs to go sitdown..lickey lickey get wanga belly so mek she stay deh do di money sweep while har pride a melt like butter against the sun

  23. All dem salt yah Yuh Betta win Yuh next race loooo runner boy… Mi think Yuh did a star God know Mi think Yuh was a legend but yah no nobody Yuh just a win some race…. My youth di fact dat Yuh stoop so low wid dat kasi u are low also an I think very gay too cause a wah mek 3sum so nuff round you not even porn star wah love sex nuh stay suh…. So Yuh have a undercover battyman an a lesbian what a combo!!! and Mi naw tek back dat battam talk deh.. Pussy Yuh digrace Jamaica Yuh medal dem seem rusty to me now…

  24. I’m so sorry for the person’s that thnk it’s ok to have no morals because u have money or for money..says a lot about our society n a so mi know nuff a dem loose gyal n boy ya naw wait dem turn…a dis we fight war n free ourselves from slavery for? To live like dogs n johncrow? I will never support a man that has no respect for women n bolt show we him no have none..but most importantly I will never feel sorry for a b÷×%h that allows herself to be disrespected.

  25. Mi saaaaaayyyyyy mi just took a stroll go ova baller alert….kakafawt dem dunnnne ar….MET sexylexy say him kiss up the gyal with abscess Inna him mouth YUCCCKKKKKK and she damn right mi just go pon snap and see the mouth froth fi mi self……….mi hear the song too….IT SAID HE AIN’T READY FOR NO COMMITMENT and the eeediiot in front a him a row boat….Dat boat would tun ova wid the two a we…..when mi done beat out him claat wid the oar yuh see….no sahhhhhh……this shit past comical…..mi laugh so til :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak AS of right now I take none of this serious….the two a dem name Bobo to me

    1. Marrieeeeeeeeeeeeee nuh mek me and u have anyting…SCREENSHOTTY SEENNY COME NOW …Mi tell u lexy not human har mouth DOEEEEEEE NAWMAL

          1. U see someone a talk bout dem a talk di same over dere like on jmg..is how dem love jmg name so and dem a police every blog??

  26. Kasi Bolt count bun number chreeeeeeee…try no mek it reach four….God know the man a count yuh bun dem….stay dey tink a yuh head him a talk…….whoiiiiiiiiiiii bolt a count out di bun dem one by one…no sah :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  27. Kissy Denise the blogger, and faray lyad grey, say usain proposed and she say yes! Where is the ring?? Usain mouth corner always frauty. Where is momy dearest??. Also kasi been sucking pussy from glenmur high in the bathroom stall, facts, don’t let her fool u she’s a bigger freak than him✔️

  28. :sorry Jah know Bolt, mi lose aafa yuh! Star yuh naah move like a big man ataal. Breddah, even if yuh gyal a skettel yuh suppose to a try lift ar up to yuh level and nuh entertain di mixup business wid ar. Mi bredrin, if all dem comment yah weh mi a read bout u an ar a true….star….yaah guh need a bath inna riva jawdan star. Unnuh ting duttyup bad mi idrin, it nuh look good. Dem lickout batty bizniz nuh soun right star and dem 3some freaky tings nuh kosher star. Wait deh….how people know summuch bout unnuh bedroom bizniz dwoe? Star a suh unnuh a advertise? Bolt, yuh and yuh woman need fi change up unnuh ting star….at least kip in unda wraps. Yow Bolt, mi love si yuh run pon di tracks but yuh cyaan run yuh life like how yuh run a 200m star. Rail it een…and start live betta mi fren. Yuh and Kasi. Kasi, memba yuh a woman my girl, yuh fi clean up yuh ting and gwaan betta mi chile. Mi sure annuh suh u parents dem grow yuh. Memba one day yuh gwine hah pickney, a dem yah nasty life yah yuh waan dem come si? How u agguh talk to dem when yuh life nuh clean my girl. Seriously, mi a read di comment dem and mi heart heavy. Both a unnuh…such a disappointment. Unnuh livity nuh look gud! :dp :dp

    1. Hi the others might overlook u but I see u come here welcome nice to meet u pls sit take a seat, whey u say u type like u feed the baby milk before anonymity is guaranteed here do pls stay a likkle n tell us more

  29. How come she don’t have her glam squad along.Why bolt didn’t provide her with one.Kmt
    Where is the pic of him trying extract her intestines thru her mouth like he did to the girl in Rio?
    You mean to tell me he suck out tongue on random tricks and not on you is ride or die ..smdh
    Where the pics of you and him in bed,that Brazilian chick got hers..lol
    Poolside pics are so basic.
    Girl you not winning.you just part of Bolt circus.

    1. What glam squad? She just commented to someone on instagram that she paid $10USD for that dress she’s wearing tonight.

      shellyanne.lutas@kasi.b Girl, I want that dress #KillinIt

      kasi.b@shellyanne.lutas $10usd at Asos! Get it girl!!! It’s bomb. The back is even better

    2. Glam squad?
      She just admitted under her instagram she paid $10 USD for that dress on ASOS.
      You know what, I would be milking this relationship for all the publicity it’s worth.

  30. Usain is sites by Kasi and her looks! Especial more so now because the media has dubbed her beautiful, gorgeous etc and not only has that gone to her head it has gone to Usain’s.

  31. Every pic and snap one a dem on dem phone especially KAsi! She has no time for Bolt she too busy a check how much more insta followers she get! LMAO .

    1. He don’t seem to care because he’s ignoring her too. I wonder if he flew someone else out on the low.
      The way she’s going off on people who criticize her or bring up the cheating she don’t seem to be happy.

  32. When Kasi get the Benz some a unnu old badmind jealous ooman ago drop a grung. A fi unnu mouth corner ago fraughty. Right now a Kasi a pay your bills MET. You should be thanking her. Stay blessed.

    1. Thank you Kasi for paying my bills and not paying yours so much that you have to depend on no back teeth Usain to pay everything. Thank you and stay tripple blessed gurl :alay

    2. What he needs to do is buy her some class , some morals Likkle shame … U f**ng basic bitches just f**k fi somethings and frighten over stupidness .. Is people like uno make man feel is ok to disrespect women im sorry I grow up come see me mother working hard for her things she never teach me to take disrespect from men some a uno grow up come see uno mother a con man and a f**k fi things so uno no know better

    3. she coulda a fly helicopter she is still gonna be a low class low self esteem gal … she betta make sure that shit in her name and is a wagon just incase him lef her she can move in her clothes inna the Benz when the landlord put her out

    4. @Simon just because you see we here don’t mean we short a ntn! You would be surprised to know that many people on this wall are well educated with degrees, house/s and nice cars and many frequent flyer miles and that they are living a damn good life!

      We love the mix up.and a good laugh! When we lef of here we laugh at the say and sleep nice a night time!

      Don’t put too much on your head! It’s sad that too many a unnuh only a think pon one level!

  33. At anonymous she did suck ur pussy why u guys don’t leave the people dem business Alone everyday oonu come pon yah a vilify the girl look how much a oonu get bun and still tek back Di man oonu mother get bun oonu sister get bun oonu fren get bun just stop my god it’s like u guys get a high tearing down the girl why are u guys so invested in their life some a oonu a get pure kick dung just stop its not nice this kind of behavior is ungodly yes we all talk about people but this is just Total disrespect if u ask me come on guys man do better we are all women.

  34. If u with a baller for over 2 years, she shoulda been had that Benz, looking 2 upgrade now, cause in Europe we use Benz and bimmers as taxi, they are not luxury cars. Lmao! Some people are so basic they only know basic things.

  35. Met a while ago boredom slap whe Kasi she end up on periscope. The people ask where Bolt and of course he was fast sleep. Not even 3 days and dem already bored with each other. Middle day and he would rather sleep than talk to you Kasi.

    Their phones have not left either of dem hand the entire trip, especially Kasi. But God Nuh like foolishness. As she come pon periscope the phone wet up and the audio stop work. She affi come off. Girl go find something do and leave social media alone.

  36. So Benz is a luxury car? Really we would be jealous of a Benz, luxury cars aren’t advertised and Benz in Europe are used 4 taxis. Furthermore being with a baller 4 so long, shouldn’t she have had that already and condo bought, not rented

  37. So what if he buys her a Benz? Who’s gonna buy her back here pride? But Met that song he chose while she was in the water says it all… this is for publicity… they not into each other for lover, it haseems to be a publicity stunt…. they’re many cryptic messages laced all over his snap MET…. all that bunig count…. smh… idiot girl sell her soul for all this? And another thing, why ppl in her defense keep saying that other ppl stay with men that give them bun that don’t buy them nothing? Ummm regardless of the gifts or lack there of, no woman should stay with a cheating partner… Everbody talking about kobe this and that but he didn’t blatantly disrespect his wife, he got caught… this ain’t no kobe case…. this is more Shorty and Kartel… sick stomach

    1. No ennuh cause right now Kartel nah see a nice box food unless Shorty feel sorry if him! A she a run tings!

      Da one yah jus a run har head!

  38. U people are packed with hatred and self hate OMG the comments though u people tek up Di people dem business pon oonu head like a oonu or oonu madda or child bolt did smash a Rio my god man and from what i gather this is just jealousy and u met stop just stop bcuz u don’t know the people dem u Don’t live dem u guys need Fi guh clean up oonu heart oonu mindset dutty leave the woman let her live she won’t be the first or last man f**k pon & she tek him back some y’all stalking Di gyal Instagram and snapchat just fi vim put down Di girl I hope all who a comment oonu life perfect and happy . Black women do not empower each other what a sad sad world smh.

    1. Encouraging a young, educated and attractive woman to go back to her cheating man and open her self to STD and shame is empowering? Okay giiiirl.

  39. i totally agree with anonymous @ 11:12pm this is a rass publicity stunt. She a play song bout number one him a play song bout nuh ready fi commitment. Ok him give me bun mi deh a bora bora we nah leff we room. Unnuh nuh see the gal want to be dutty stinking kim Kardashian. She so stupid if i really wanted people to know about me, him woulda haffi use him contacts n get we inna ludda weekend mek bolt guh play some celebrity ball n she mingle with the wives n girlfriends.

    The best way to describe kasi is duplicitous floozy. Kasi u have big degree go look up those words. Smfh u can deh pon vacation a cuss people bout u deh a rae rae go look it up. I did 5gran a night n can only afford fi buy 10 dollar frock. Mi did see the swimsuit dem n dem look cheap to me u couldn’t ask usain fi bring u back some brazilian swimwear.

    U say you’re humble u on vacation come off social media, this is life people gonna have things to say,that u don’t like humble people ignore the so called haters.

    1. Lo bloodcla##t Kim. Kim daddy was a legal eagle, mumma flight attendant. Daddy dead leave him gal dem financially secured.

      Kim married 3 times! Have 2 babies, name pon lock like her bank account…plus she out foxed a dog name rayjay…Kasi just a tek fuk, can’t be Kim no day, no time…unless she out fox usain cheating, nasty ass.

      That law degree get phuck cause her colleagues will not respect her and clients won’t either.

    2. Only ppl who are far from humble try their darndest to convince others they are humble Kasi is far from humble so her ass need to go sit down somewhere.

  40. Sad indeed like I said you can’t buy character, class etc., Men cheat every day yes but we can’t let them get away with it and be all accepting. In my opinion, this girl is not in love with him cause she is acting so unnatural she must be an alien. It seems this trip was long planned and if I was her he would go by himself or waste his money and cancel it. You see she is probably insecure and think if she puts her foot down he would move on to the next bidder (just trying to rationalize for her no self worth behaviour). Fame comes with a very expensive price much more than your ASOS dress and Bora Bora vacation. Good luck!

  41. And the more u lurk Kasi, the more u show your insecurities and that you are hurting. Be like Beyoncé not kardashian…. Classy not trashy

  42. This is not Kasi the bitch ain’t got time to be on groupie pink wall, just someone who not bad minding the girl and wish people will mind their own f***g business. Met you yourself is a germs so you can’t ketch what you already are. That why did gal nearly f**k you up in the bathroom and you did not nor could defend your bloodcloth self because you are an internet troll only bad behind computer. Suck oonoo Mada again. Bad mind bitches!!!!!

  43. U ppl are a set of cyber bullies hiding behind a keyboard tearing down another black woman that clearly doesn’t give a rats ass about y’all opinions u don’ know her she doesn’t know u guys why u ppl take it up pon oonu head and a worry & obviously gonna get a stroke over Kasi & Usain’s private matters ?? Why tell me ?? I come on this blog from time to time to laugh but my god the comments are out of hand now ok the man cheated we have proof & she forgave him honestly & U are gonna crucify her for that its her business if she wants to suck his dick lick his ass have orgies let them be obviously some of u guys are lonely that’s why u find time on a daily basis to come on here bullying people over their business lol lol u guys are the best me affi laugh Kasi & bolt life aguh send some of u ppl to the hospital smh & Met u a Di biggest bully how do u feel making a living off bullying & a tear down others weh u aguh tell God seh oonu is one set a crab Ina barrel with y’all perfect life go and pray all of u is one set of jezebels & naysayers. He without sin cast the first stone never see nothing like this yet in all my life

    1. Yuh sound like a big Dutty ediot lol… Yuh type like Yuh hurt still lol. Anyways Mi a go ova daily devotion go say mi other prayer fi bless the day b4 mi stawt deal wid di comment Dem lol… Yuh luddy try get a name Mi luv. Oh Yuh have one 😀

    2. In my opinion, The act of cheating can be forgivable if you are Married and are seeking help via counselling, however what was with the public humiliation pon top a it. that is a no no. that is what most of the Metters on this site are up in arms about .

  44. Mi nuh si nothing but a bunch of hating ass bitches. Dem fi low di girl. People truly make me sick. Why they so mad though

  45. All inna mi sleep Mi a type late dis mawning inna di 2’clock balls lol so mi tink di message send…… No lol and a did wah next dunning fi suddy mouth battam man an di no ambition lesbian… Caah believe we legend track star inna dem bangarangs yah no my track star again… No sah Betta Mi stick to asafa an Elaine Mi lose off a u

  46. Why dem set a mongrel come over here dis Mawning Fi try dis met on her owna site?! Oonu more f**k up Dan we…brite an early oonu deh yah! Wha Di rass oonu a come pan de woman site fa?! Leave us be!! If oonu Nuh like what we have to say Nuh come ova yah! We dash we corn , we Neva call Nuh rass fowl! Good morning MET!

    1. Good morningggggggggggg mi si one a talk bout bathroom and ray tay……suh mek dem gwaan talk like dem know oo dem mussy want kasi carry dem go bora bora pan har shoes battam

  47. most a unno women data comment or a read comments have more than one man suh unno any better. Yes you dat reading dis. Unno only a talk bout Kasi cause she in the spotlight but what about u?

  48. Haha! It’s funny how you guys think she not reading the blogs and comments. She is so caught up with her newly found fame she wants to know what people are saying. Look how people call out the “bun” and she had to make it her next snap. So gwan tink she nah watch. An yes…when you invite the public into your private life…guess what? It turn PUBLIC. If she really didnt care she wouldn’t entertain the “trash” or haters as you want to call them…but guess what? Trash ah mek time for trash…I do feel sorry for her…yes you’re on a luxurious vacation blah blah but kasi…if you don’t come back with that ring or baby (or even if you do)…I hope you can endure this for the remainder of your relationship….or life…cause it’s just the beginning and it can drive you mad…hush :kimpoi

    At least he wasnt lying when he said you better be ready for it….which right now you demonstrating you are not 🙁

      1. He has been counting her bun (hairstyle) each day. She took out her weave it seems. Yesterday he was at bun three…so I said nuh mek it reach four because a di bun (cheating) him really counting….and boom this morning him say she at bun number 4 (hairstyle)…..

  49. Every snap bolt post Kasi on her phone.. Mi deh ya wonder wa so important in a the phone after u nu see ur man awhile now n Unu on vaca.. Dem ppl ya real “mediocre”

  50. She’s not addressing any bun/ cheating. Usain has been poking fun at her hairstyle and she’s clearly playing along with the joke of counting how many times she wears her hair in a bun.

    I’m here for the tea but it must make sense. Usain no so smart to be creating no play on words like that. And she’s not addressing anything she read on pink wall when she mention the hair. Stop.

    I do agree she’s monitoring IG. She’s over there on a blocking and delete comment spree. Anything relating to her sex life or Sadiki she shut down immediately. I don’t blame her because that info is so disgraceful. But me personally woulda suspend the damn accounts and go enjoy my vacation. Not a damn snapchat or Instagram or Twitter. But I’m not obsessed with followers and attention.

      1. Shady in the sense that he is counting her bun in her hair. I don’t think that comment have nuhn to di with d Jamaican bun. She did tek of the wig blackchineyali made for her. Usain love girls to fix up. Mi nah lie, dem a get tired now but me still come here fi d comments now lol

        1. To show you she really don’t have much style. Big vacation and everything looks cheap. Asos and IG boutiques as usual. Soon she pull out a house of CB bodycon dress. Wait on it.

          She could have been killing it with clip in extensions. Curly and straight hair. Switch it up and make the man say wow! She has beautiful skin and a killer body, but Kasi is no fashionista.

  51. She need to unplug herself and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle. And she is reading…she definitely is..
    I not hating…I just enjoying the show….cause I’m so entertained by people that “invite” other people into their private lives and don’t think they gonna get bashed for it…once you put yourself out there you open up yourself to sooo much…so learn to take the good with the bad. You are going to get bullied by people….and guess what…some of them is your good fren and you don’t even know…that’s why I still feel it for her cause it just starting…and it ah go hot…but $$ will mek it just a likkle less hot probably

    And for those people calling out others about where you find time to post and hate and blah blah….guess what…just like how you found time…me find it too! :hn

    1. I agree with you. Social media really worked for Kim Kardashian but when you put yourself out there, you are inviting people into your world, many of whom are out to destroy you. Usain and Kasi are hooked on social media. I don’t think this means that they are not enjoying themselves, just that they find it difficult to turn off their phones and chill.

      I would strongly urge both of them to be a bit more discreet, especially Kasi. It isn’t easy to ignore negativity but for the sake of her relationship, I would encourage her to try. In fact, silence is golden. Switch off her media sites until she returns home and have a break and enjoy her fiancee.

  52. I used to want to go to Bora Bora but it seems boring. Did more research and there is not much to do there. No activities, no party, no major site seeing, no entertainment other than the local dancers nuh nothing. It really is just a couples paradise. Somewhere you go to be intimate with conversation etc but doesn’t seem like much a gwaan pon dat. It’s gorgeous though, nah lie God is real.

  53. Suh wah happen if she want to be on her phone everything bother u ppl it’s none of ur business what she does or doesn’t do she is living her life if she wants to take him back after him f**k dung Rio a wah atleast she nah f**k fi free weh fi oonu good hole give oonu if it was smaddy else other that Kasi u people would still be saying negative shit can’t please u..Some of u have battyman husband and kids weh oonu need fi guh pray fah and your houses are miserable, happy people don’t have time to be tearing people down they are too busy doing happy things. Met me like u but stop now and leave Kasi alone allow her to make her mistakes we.

  54. Where is Gabriella? You put down the pom poms? Lol, I noticed you’ve been missing ever since someone called you out saying that Kasi commented on your Twitter, I checked it out and I’m curious to know if it’s you, there’s also a vid with you and bolt from 2012, knew there was some connection. Just clarify if it’s you, love in London, have a son, party girl, is that you?

    Promise I won’t blow up your identity

  55. But Gabriella would be a damn fool to come on a gossip site and use her real name. LOL Let’s not start a wild goose chase trying to figure out who she is. Everyone here is under alias.

  56. She should have gone island hopping at the least or gone to at least three different locations. At least that’s what I would have done…but she’s not me. She’s “living it up”…after three days the boredom sets in. Even the sex becomes boring after three days in the same place

  57. Gold diggers knows how to spot where the gold is located. Usain brother cricket money was not enough so Kasi mek a move like a chess player. It’s extremely sad and degrading that because he’s got money she would lower her standard (that’s if she had any). She doesn’t mind what he does because she’s materialistic and love the hype and lime light. She will get pregnant and married not because she’s ready but because of money. Mizican Evans loved him for him not for his money, but Usain love the hype so him need a hype gal. For all we know dem a have orgies a Bora Bora because that place is very private so anything can happen without preying eyes. Dem say him sell him soul, so i guess Kasi a sell fi har too. I would have respected her more if when he came back to Jamaica she held out on him and mek him know say him cyaw do dat pon social media and just get weh, but that goes to show, because no woman inna dem rightful mind would not mek di man work fi get back inna di good books. No nookie, no nothing. Bolt would haffi hold him corner and work fi mek things right. She spoil him but a MONEYOOOO!! Don’t like what Kasi represents. Educated but DUMB!!!

  58. Bora Bora is pretty but boring, u haffi spend 1 day alone ova deh, not much to do, let them have their fun, the place look lame anyways, my phone would be my bestfriend lol me nuh business if bolt buy kasi a range or audii wont change the fact that she sold her soul to him for it which is not worth it!!!! i know a couple who have been dating ova 7yrs, they do 3sum & still together happily so me nah say a ting enuh u hafi know weh u want outa life. The 2 a dem f**y f**y & love limelight fi dem ting dat i dont grudge them. Them must be bored ova deh. If a gal read me on my own page me ago dun her bloodclatt all if weh dem say is true. nuff a unuh do worst.

  59. dem neva ready MET lol a di background fidi look good pics dem go fah… she better get dah vehicle deh enuh gal nah no ambition enuh cause if them deh 2yrs now & do somuch freakiness him shudda at least buy her that already, but gal give him all the power ina the relationship, she fool as fk nah use her front right, gal need fi get a house, peice a land or a apartment now. Him a floss her bigtime, if a designer clothes & shoes she a dweet fah then she a ediot, bolt can buy her things cash. Them fi stop showoff fi IG & sortout herself, him mek fi him name already, she need ambition & some goals. I like them together but being his follower/gf aint shit if him decide fi lef her. She must get a name for herself outside of his shadow & build on it.

    1. Di background a gwaan and dem match it good wid all umbrella and bolt clean and bade ina him sunday best. Getting what u want from someone u really nuh want it from is like setting butter against the sun di money nah go come to nothing good ..thats why mi seh if she love him hats off to her and if he does the same to him

  60. For the people above who asked where’s the ring if Ms. Bennett said yes to Bolt’s proposal here is the latest. According TMZ (as well as BET), Bolt’s agent, Ricky Simms, says Bolt did not propose to Bennett. The fact that he did nor did not propose is not the issue. Bolt can’t even ignore people and just let them speculate. You have to have your agent come out and say you did not. Where’s the love? Damn, that’s got to hurt. Why do you think it was important for him to let the world know he did not propose to her? If their business is private why do they both keep airing it in the public? Just saying . . .

    The report is below:

    Bolt ain’t THAT fast … he is NOT racing down the aisle to get married — despite a photo going viral — TMZ Sports has learned.
    The pic shows Usain and Kasi Bennett in Bora Bora — freshly lei’d — with a Snapchat caption, “She said yes.” Well, that’s only half true.
    Usain’s agent, Ricky Simms, tells us the image is real … Usain posted the shot of himself and Kasi, but he says the caption is a hoax created by some Internet troll. Simms says Usain did not propose to Kasi.
    All we can say is, why didn’t he??

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