1. Miss u took how many minutes out of u day to address somebody that u say is a nobody. Y then u shinning the spotlight on dem by going to the limit to make a video to address them :travel

  2. U see mi tell unnu fi leave plummy aloneeeeeeeeeee unnu meck she gone meck a rawseeeeeeeeee movie ya now cho she say har nose dysonize (a think a Willy say da part deh lol) n har belly goat waterized but har hole are tightenized so WHY U MADDDDD LMAOOOOOOOOOO

    1. who name plummy chuet? u know u a get from bad to rerse…a have sinting fi u in a few u gwine dies up in hur

  3. Chute why ???? Plummy enuh mi ago go back go sleep cause mi see a what kind of a day we will be having in ya today. Mi gone before big nuh sweet plummy come mek more video

  4. the fake jamaican on the left is irritating a betta she did jus stand deh an lock har mout an look cute.


  5. Now mi a start fi wonder to miself, if a she send in the video because she too much now man. A lot of these thirsty broads do this fi get recognition in the dancehall fraternity. If yuh dont mek Pinkwall yuh dont mek sense.

  6. dem look like dem practice this video before dem send it in. the slim 1 need fi just shout up. she sound so fake. dem want attention bad really bad. IT DONT LOOK GOOD. inna Tony M voice.

  7. like miss kitty. a person who talks too much has a lot of insecurities. trying to keep the attention off u is not necessarily confidence. plz dont make a nex vid.

  8. Met.



    Something wrong with Terri? Idk but it doesn’t look very good from here.

    I mean she takes her nose seriously, but this wasn’t necessary.

  9. i wonda how much practice them practice before put up video all fi impress ppl them claim dont matta lmfao

  10. Met I doh know the big nose one fuss mi eye ever see she & her nose cuz it is a whole adda person by itself!

    The next one is TerriFashionable or someting to the sort think she was living in Jamaica & she get visa since year but she say a boat she come from nuh kno maybe she have flippa link prably….

  11. The fat one look like the lady In a di jail food jamaican cartoon wha call di station a ask dem a who mek di food ?? Met put It up an see if a lie me a tell

  12. Free willy could have used the video mins to burn some fat in the gym or even walking if she was that bored. Attention seeking…….

  13. good day miss met

    good day metters

    no man, smaddy seh sumting weh hurt up noseyrella head!!!

    talk up di tings dem noseyrella, a u seh when god did a mek u, him did heavy handed and gi u extra of everyting, yes sah him give u brata cuz u so special, u so special so special so special.

    but him neva heavy handed wid you ole loool no sah!! is a pinch a ole him gaves uuuuuuuuu, desso tight till it a squeezeth uuuuuuuu :maho

  14. Ah wah kind ah confidence dat shi ah brag bout har nose still ugly an shi still stay bad so what’s her point for these videos!!!!!

  15. You have GOTS TO BE KIDDING me? Nooooo, leave this to some likkle teenage pickney fi ah do video & editing & practice speech weh fi seh????

    Dem nah no laundry fi do? Nothin’ fi dust down? Dem bathtub fi scour out? Di one pon di right coulda do couple crunches WELL di time she deh yah ah mek video! Mi KNOW di fat one have some booguh inna da big nose deh fi pick out! too!

    Di internet is a blessing & ah curse but it is a curse to dem crosses yah because it ah gi dem waste gyal yah a platform fi chat dem f**kery!!! Somebody ah chat you & you nuh like it, GO TO DEM!!! NOT YOUTUBE!!!

    Everybody know seh EMPTY BARREL MEK DI MOST NOISE, so unnu need fi shut unnu azz up because you can’t tek a punch inna da big nose deh fi it swell more dan it swell deh now & di one pon di left look like she will start bawl if anybody even talk too hard to she!

  16. Onu tell plummy (thanks chuet) say she fava fiona or shrek? lolol. She irratating just like har drumpan nose. De nex one is a hairhead.

  17. Super Cow go siddung nuh!!!!!! yuh deh ah LA and nah go visit Dr. 90210? go fix yuh nose please, maybe its a medical condition, maybe a cyst or tumor or something like really tho Rasputia and Norbit go get a life

  18. No sah she sound like she really hurt, like d comment bout har nose touch a nerve. But if har nose big it just big fi true, mi affi go look back pan d thread bout har nostrils and see a wah dem seh weh bun har so mek she affi waste 6 good good mins and 36 secs a cuss smaddy weh she claim not important. When mi likkle dem use to call me reddy bo and pink panther cauz Im of a fair complexion, and Ms. noze worthy i never gi dem d time of day or d shine weh dem did a look, (and I did love trace) I just seh a so God mek mi and mi proud a mi complexion, si push come to shove deh now a nuff a dem weh did a call me reddy bo mi see a bleach fi get my good good complexion weh dem did a bad mind me fah. But har noze thick fi true mi nah lie, put it fit yuh face, probably if yuh did have a narrow face it would look out a place and out a shape but it fit yuh broad face. A your nose proud a it, a God mek yuh affa a nuh u mek yuh self, weh yuh a go do chop it off fi please ppl??? Yuh never read d story bout d man and d donkey, yuh cant please ppl so please yuh damn self. See Michael Jackson did have him good good black nose and go bleach and do all manner a evil and till him nose start rotten off!!!! mi sure when it start rotten off him did wish him could an get back him big black nose. Mek mi go look an see if mi a did 1 a dem weh did a chubble har bout har world a noze??!!! (a soon some back, mi ago look back previous post bout dis famous nose weh getting soooo much attention) heee hhee :ngacir:

      1. Mi feel a pulse, git up man Metty, bout yuh a flatline everytime mi memba yuh heading bout “A Nose is a nose” I gots to laugh, cauzen seh u is naughty…. DWL

  19. :hoax2 nose big like sweet pepper ,and broad like me granny potcova …and shape baddd ..cho bloodclatttt …….dont mekk no more video man dam ediot AND U NOSE STILL BIGGGGGGGG A BAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :kr

    1. The issue for me Is not her nose, as she never chose or design it!
      The sad & embarrassing thing here and the thing that deserves ridicule, is the immature behaviour and need for validation that would make any adults make a video like this one, let alone one that lasts nearly 7 mins.

      My girl doesn’t need a nose job – just a life and a bit of self esteem.

  20. He who nose it all, knows your nose is big, relax u self, ppl talk about any and everything, what if you was sitting in the beauty salon with yuh beautiful str8888 nose weh u born and God bless u wid and ppl a chat in front a yuh seh a nuh your nose that, u black and a white ppl nose alone str888 suh, them want the surgeon number fi get fi them own done like that, and a bag tings, and mi aff siddung ina Tina Jet chair, till one of mi fren dem weh me and them grow up together come declare seh a fi mi own weh God gimme mi, mi born wid it, well that is it, yuh big spread out nose like butter pan bread a fi u, u born wid it, and there ain’t nothing u can do about it, except u a guh rotten it off like Michael Jackson. Shet u dam mouth a tap mek a fool of u self by making a stupid video over something u was born with.

  21. Over six minutes of talking and her nose is still big like hell!!!
    When ugly people want to be seen… smfh her and her
    friend have shirts that say WTF… WTF is right we all wanna know wtf!!

  22. Whey she and har surf board nose go Sid dung somewhere . Who give 2 fux

    Di send eeenn picho a beat u bad till u ha fi a kill met email wid f***kery videos

    U only a era more attention to di NOSE..Go one side man wid u shutters nose

    1. mi nuh know why she meka next video but i think a because smaddy pan youtube ask fi another part. dis documentary mek

  23. Tawkchuet…..nuh badda draw mi up inna yu bangarang wid Nosotros. Unnu nuh have no behavior, das why Plummy haffi a mek documentary.

    1. MI SEH MET!!!! DWL ! Please mi a beg yu talk to LIIttle Wiille di man seh him nuh inna di bangarang wid ‘NOSOTROS’. …… Willie I can not manage mi barely a go…. no Sah … How u bad so??? mi cyan stop laugh :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  24. Is a good thing say nose no wear BLOODCLAAAT clothes cause we a look pon a good ten acres of cotton right yasso from yessiday mi tell plummy say done now but noooooooo her confidence big like the nose so a it name caaaa done smh

    1. Yu mind yu cause me likkle heart fi constrict while laughing! CHUET! Yu is a liability to rass.

  25. All now mi nu get the point of this video.the fake jamaican was so do annoying better she just stood there with her mouth shut.people if unuh a go try done somebody with a video don’t rehearse it first.dwrcl who does that…

  26. I thought it was a pregnant nose I was looking at. Di belly was supportive of my assumption. Nuh body nuh mad noses!

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