11 thoughts on “WHY UNO A TROUBLE DAWN?

  1. You have truly grown Dawn, you handled this one well. That person is a terrorist, she is terrorizing the woman because she doesn’t like her. She doesn’t even understand the seriousness for what she has done. Whenever you involved police/swat team, ACS in nonsense it’s going to cost you. After the jail time and that record you will be no good to yourself, you can’t come back from this one. Sum a unno 2 careless and wukless to sit down and plan something like this, WASTE PEOPLE

  2. I am not a friend or fan off Dawn but come on that’s wasting tax payer money on fraud call. Caller if they tap her phone it will trace back to you & you will eventually get charged for nuances not to mention whenever the caller make the call to 911 its registered now to homeland how can y’all grown woman be so stupid & think it won’t be iinvestigated . That 911 fake calls can open up pondora box on the Dancehall community becareful what you wish & done to others .

  3. That’s why God said vengeance is mine. This is insane, if true, and the person/s involved, gwan get into serious trouble now. Stop try do God’s work.

  4. True Marie ‘ hope that person know that after the World Trade Center fall everything traceable in USA look how many time you call them i believe Dawn that’s why she’s so humble cause it’s being investigated now & she herself Dawn is under dog watch that’s why she make the video calm . This is really insane no one is untouchable asked Trump am sure the caller have up a lot old cases that n d fi dig up . When plantain want dead it shoot old ppl say .

  5. Stuckie ah f**k dawn daughter keyona thats what dawn needs to sit and talk about instead every year waring wid ppl over steak news

  6. U people stop following dawn the duty woman is so lie that she believes her own lies no one remember that lied old woman is what she do to people a come back to the old woman. Remember the old phone u used to have tbat u put mins on to call on peaches u never no petal tell people about the phone dawn be careful mine u lock up your self because u too lie the way how u lie u believes your owen lie dawn go kill yourself because petal not talking and never will talk to u again I see petal two nights ago she nice and just enjoy her self with your friends dem dawn lock up dawn people lock out for that.

  7. Sub rain train Dawn you are delusional . You a worry about Petal and Petal don’t remember you . You are a sad lonely bitch .
    Dawn you dead to Petal . go check in yourself in the mad house because Petal don’t remember you . The other day you a complain to my sister about Petal and she walk away from you . You is the problem Dawn . Dirty Dawn you live into Petal shadow a you a trouble the girl . You need to leave the girl alone because she is not troubling you the girl don’t remember you you are # DEAD TO HER # .
    A either Wendy mate or the people them that you trouble a torment you now leave petal alone . Petal don’t remember you mad woman .
    Dawn my sister say everytime you see her you a complain about Petal .

  8. as a tax payer I hope the government does every thing in there power to send all involve to jail. u can hate a person but no reason to destroy the kids life. us Jamaican must do better. we nu care who sleeping with who but I care how my tax dollars a spend

  9. Duty dawn u can’t walk next to petal about u look good all u do is worried about what petal do she don’t want to be your friend get over it petal move on petal fly in and out no time for u petal don’t care what u talk about her she doing her thing petal I don’t no what u doing just keep on do it petal baby u look better than duty dawn old duty woman go kill yourself because petal not talking to u back me her and ask her about u and she go down on the floor and kiss the floor and say I will never talk back to dawn so get over petal go kill yourself

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