Now pull uno chair and cum rite yah suh!
Dis yah buoy yah hype like wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Him a big cricketer and him gramma poor bad met. Mi seh mi did affi delete him from mi snap to how d buoy hype!!
Him neva write a gud sentence pon IG yet to cloth…
Every nite him deh out wid a different woman n dem cah help him, cum on!
Look at yuh fellow players pages, all a dem grammar mek sense… STP HYPE, SEKKLE DOWN AND FIND A NEW JUNIOR ENGLISH REVISED.



    1. Yaah get lazy needle..? U must can see ryte Tru dis cause u a original u and Tinan, clear case a f**k an duck an she a try style di man. She delete him affa snap cause she claim him HYPE but she still have him pon IG a watch how much woman di man a go out wid….kmt “One Leaders” was we prime minister so a likkle cricketer can get a bly.

  1. Atleast him a try ambition carry more weight than grammar. Proper grammar with no ambition or drive can’t make money. Keep trying yute yu must progress. A person looks hype when they show off dem achievements? Senda bring us a good scoop and free up Met wall

  2. Kmt me Wah fight Di sender fi waste me sitting time.Alot of these athletes/ sportsmen are not books smart so give him a break

  3. Can chat bad likkle more and have a dozen women with him a pose every night! At least him a do him thing and and mek him money and from what he wrote you can tell him have ambition!

  4. Suh a who cudan badmind big head Andre lmao Wi not even sure if him straight cause everybody weh par wid Fiercebydre “funny”… Mi done seh him gramma need help so the time him tek a f**k d batty ears gal dem a nite time him work pon him grammar. A unno sameone ago laugh afta him wen him cum pon tv and cah put him sentences together.

    Oh mi see yuh lock wid Sherika d oda nite, it dont look gud cause yuh fren f**k har out….

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