ugly four eye gal it mek sense u go back a Jamaica to u kids them and stop mek this Dj boy have u up yah a mek ppl laugh at u ur already ugly suh stop brag bout u good husband when him Naa talk bout u Kmt see u nub stop get bun with diva p***t a who n him mi see a roll sunny much white diamond diva dwl I can’t deal with this drama a wonder if u got sense go back home to u kids n stop mek Dj boy trek u! D boy not even a sleep a him yard to rass u life nasty n Dj scratchy u is a worthless boy go a f((( Naa bade diva dwl thiefing diva sell p**y diva


10 thoughts on “WIFE A WIFE, MATE YUH LATE

  1. bombo a wah this Nikki them really a f**k u up first post was yesterday no today unu have up the wife pic like wtf senda leave the wife alone she looks better than all d gal dem wah him a chat to and bombo strachy a u mek d poor girl pic reach yahso this girl not even go party she nuh chat to ppl Kmt mi upset cause a mi fren I doubt if nobody really knows her cause she nuh keep fren a u mek d she stay yah cause u beg her to suh wah d f**k u a mek bitches a scandal har if u never go f**k dutty nasty diva wah nuh got non a har kids them live with, wah sell pussy like dog n walk n f**k dung d place wah d f**k this first diva tek har pic n broadcast ova social media sey she got AIDS and you still a chat up to har a drive har bout d place n all Nikki hush baby girl a life honestly yes strachy sleep a u yard every nite n mi can prove that but strachy stop talk up to diva that’s y this a happen right now I honestly believe diva have something to do with this cause she won’t leave ur name off Facebook how d f**k strachy a u baby father n u breed n almost dead Doctor affi remove u tube now u caa rass breed gal dutty diva mi grieve fi u n d senda……….how Nikki keep calm cause mi know u will f**k dem up but dem gal yah a Florida as u move to dem dem call police n u done know how u thing set pussyhole dem n strachy u a pussy hole

  2. Rass lie no baby never in a diva tubs a kill shi kill di belly and never dweet good and almost dead and a fire T rush to broward genaral and doc tek out the rest a di baby dat did a rotten in a har diva a dirty gal anybody dat dont f*** har is who dont want to

    1. Mi Naa go sey she kill d guy that can be tru but a plantation doctors run d surgery on her cause strachy did over deh smh mi feel bad fi d wife when unu nuh str8 unu go thru a lot

  3. Unnu send inn di man pic but nuh bada send inn diva pic!! Shi nuh fi get nuh light shi too ugly and tan bad

  4. I don’t see thing wrong with the lady in the picture. Her skin is nice, her hair look like quality grade and if she calls herself pretty, whats the problem? Confidence and self-worth. She values herself, let her be. Sometimes you mashed potatoes and corn on the cob (side dishes) need to know and ACCEPT your place. The man has a wife, and even though he is disrespectful for stepping out the marriage (allegedly), that doesn’t give you the authority to take it upon yourself to disrespect her too.

  5. A broward general shi gu unless is a different belly dat shi did do the do it yourself abortion pon and nearly dead

    1. Hahahahaha dwl to rass this next store cause a nuh fire t lol when was this cause this one was last July

  6. but wait Nikki wah u a do pon pink wall dutty strachy mi Neva know a this u a put Nikki thru and everyday mi see u pon road a u n u wife if u talk bout nothing fi buy u a sey talk to u wife u only work d money n she sees it cause a she control d finances Kmt u a get bookings and a wife u sey a management Kmt idk wah d f*k this diva u fi stop dash out u pussy fi free man God damn it strachy u did f**g hear from day one low rass claat diva company every rass Dj f**k har get flop fi a way n affi stop deal with her Kmt she rass thief too omg nickeisha mi feel sorry fi u cause u nuh deserve this I never like u because u face always serious but after I talk to u I found out ur very sweet n loyal never mind God a god f**k strachy him a dog mi done wid him

  7. There’s nothing wrong with the lady in this picture, so if she wears glasses that doesn’t make her less pretty… These damn dutty females need a damn life and stop trying to make everyone else life miserable just because your life is not work sh*t.

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