23 thoughts on “WIFE AND MATE LOOK ALIKE

  1. Honestly that hair don’t fit aneka ! She’s better off with short cuts ! The weave don’t fit her mek she look like bull cow !
    Aneka looks like TASHA from the backyardigans cartoon

    1. your a beast lol.. always thought her nose was ugly she look like the man-dog from never ending story. and why she be editing the shit out her pics for like bitch u aint got no size 22 waiste

  2. Di man a di smart one in dis 3sum lol… Di person anonymous 1:28 weh drop dat link dwpcl :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak A who yuh man? Lmao yuh fi behave betta.

  3. You people are clearly some hating ass hoes so what she has a big nose y’all trying to look like lil kim or some shit she probably looks better than half you build a bear plastic surgery bitches stop hating on black features and clearly youz guys are black and wonder why black people can never stick together f**n low life bitches with no morals f.o.h

    1. Blah blah pon the black is beautiful shit! Gal dem nose look like jackfruit attach to dem face. Not all things black easy on the eyes :hoax2

  4. While we’re on Aneeka. What happened to her friendship with Milan and Aneisha. from the other day it’s been her and Sham all over the place. Is ehrn them gree back? oh Lord

  5. Its not the point a nose shouldnt define a person looks it kills me that people will sit and make fun of another black person cause of their nose or lips etc .ive seen people with small noses and dont look good but i never judge a person for that.i may not know her but to me she looks pretty she not the best looking girl on earth but still to bash someone about their noses it kills me to see my black people make fun of each other or bring one another down .

    1. These girls don’t consider themselves black, and the fact that them both bleach at some point in life, is confirmation of this. So your statement is invalid!

      And this is the wrong post to be talking about putting down. These girls throw themselves at man that willing to buy them a lunch and give them a change. If that is where they want to stay, boxing bout in life, then who is us to look at dem like dem a suptn!?

  6. @black power I agree with u. We curse black features for example; flared nostrils calls it ugly & when it influences the mentality of our people to the point that they get surgery, they then cuss them saying they have no self esteem & they are plastic & them want be white not realizing that they are apart of the problem. I’m sure if the both had straight noses yall wouldnt be calling them ugly.

  7. Black power tappi rass nize aneka ugly Nuh bloodclat nose big bad black features white features pink features blue features d gal is ugly .. simple like stfu with all this fckry kmt !!!!!!

    1. Black power full a crap. Ugly nose come in all color. Phuck if dem did albino wid dem cellar nose.

      Nuff black people nose neva build right and so what. Black power a defind race issues and racist against the lighter melanin. 2 face ideology. De gal den nose look like a bomb shelta.

  8. Aneka is one ugly bytch, she looks one rabid bleached out pitbull. Is it me or does she always look like she just woke up and has morning breath…. She need to dip her face in acid and draw back a new one ah rass.

  9. Aneka walk and sell pussy
    Memba when she use to work a lucky 38 as a stripper and now a gwaan like she nice Dwl

  10. All drew shit up cocky Aneka suck off last week a ochi any Weh she see likkle hype or money she run it dung.she fi go luk a life yow get sum assets are something caah just a live suh fi have a son the dress all the child like old man yow bitch bye-bye with yuh worthless self

  11. Aneka a sell front ina di apartment weh the chiney man a pay rent fa aneka u r worthless u have ur son live with u and u a sell front ina di same room weh ur son asleep u a run it like a whore house all shantel u have a work fi u deh and a u same one talk it say snow doll a work fi u every man she tek she affi get something out of it that’s why u kick her out because she never give u none money off the front weh she sell

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