Met the wife behind the bar and the man on the floor with the side piece all night. She have the nerve to smile up in wife face when she come from behind the bar.





  1. Thats how those hoe due you sneak with you man and smile in your face. Met you should post under philly.

  2. Yeah that’s how some women are. I wonder if its the girl that sent the story in. When she said he lives in Philly from Ny and she wanted to know if he has a girlfriend.

  3. Good Morning Met & Metters, which one is the side piece the one in the blue? And is the one in the animal print is the wife? If that is the case these men don’t have no same wow, I can’t see it yet.

  4. The one in the blue is the wife the one in the animal print so called mate dont really understand,but she in more pictures than the wife. I also do believe this is the junior the girl from NY sent in the story about met. A while ago a girl sent you a story about a guy name junior from Philly that party in NY and said he don’t have no woman.

  5. well they said teka mother obeah him a few weeks ago the cousin came on pink wall and say ” the obeah thing dont last to long” lol

  6. sender, todeh big big mondeh is not for the geriatrics. dis fi sen in pon a sundeh or satdeh kmt, di three a dem luk like dem need some warm milk an go a dem bed!!!

      1. chuety don’t figet di ova night pampas, an don’t forget a nurse fi watch dem around di clock wen dem tun ova pon dem back, dem can flip dem pon dem side so dem no dead inna dem sleep.

        1. Ahhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahaha Lundie u know say u bad lollllllllllllllllllllll :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  7. Unno too bloodclot good
    Blue dress a teka the wife n animal print Polly ( wa a war wid stacy n J blacks. Polly n jr a friends fm jamaica day. Roro u no have nothing fi do but watch teka n put up pic cause u up pon it too

    1. so friends dont f**k you dummy. wasnt candy friend with shank and f**k her mom man the whole family f**ky. Polly can still f**k him. who say polly maybe the girl from ny

  8. Met a sikes dem ah use pan u. Teka in the blue is the man wife for how many years. No matter weh dem try or seh di man nah leave cause him tie and tie great. And guess what, Jr family loves her and respect her as his wife no matter how unuh try interrupt dem marriage. dem no look pon di dog scrapings that unun be jealousy is a sickness that can’t be cured . Teaka is no angel and she is reformed but gi Ceasar weh due Polly in the prints is Jr Inlaw. Tell di senda fi send on di real story. Is a bait dis dem sen een. Dem either wah throw out a file and coward and sneeky just like the fukks dem get. Who no know Jr wife no bawn yet. Senda send on di real story cause mi know unuh file from Genesis to Revelation ah me name Wendy Williams fi Philly. Don’t wait till after 12 tonight fi send it when Ppl gone a dem bed. Senda you life miserable and di man weh you a dead ova seh him no wah no more golden showa. You hole fail you mouth fail and now di golden showa boring. Go see if you and your family can tie someone to stay with you for more than 6 months then you can talk.

    1. lie jr family dont like teka his daughter talk it already. They use to ask why she had so much hair on her face thats why he start paying for her to get laser hair removal. they love his first baby mom

      1. what a way u ina di ppll dem biz. No baddy ina him family no like or wah you either
        dem doh even acknowledge you. go drop asleep. At least dem fake it well and all family functions the family dem unite. Go away stranger you are and were not wanted from day 1 dats why u mad. you cah change what is destin to be.

          1. So why u doh bring ur kid come join di clan. No baddie neva heard of you so u mad. Puss and dog no have di same luck u no see u push your luck overboard and still stunted Bhahahahahah. Bad mind a kill u. you unda 25 and you look like 45 from di stress weh a kill u. run go dip and try again revolving cocky cooler.you doh know if you wah stop at 1 or 6. start collect nd stop gi weh freeness like welfare.go teck care ah u elephantitis problem before unuh fass wid ppl. ole crablouses

      1. @DWFL really welfare those bitches live at 52nd in parkside I work and jr family knows me and little demi 2 that’s why she don’t even like teka no more dont worry I will soon have aden,mason,and bella step mamam love ya,

  9. boy Sunday best family stay bad.what goes aroud comes aroud the family share men. candy had baby with her god father

  10. teka I know its been some time you been out but please don’t wear those outfits, they look horrible, you look like u have a cape on. smh

  11. so is Polly file unuh wah dash out? well dweet pan unuh FB so she can ansa unu. Its funny how di whole a unuh smile up wid di woman and a dunnn har silently. Why unuh invole Teaka in dis since a Polly di bullet fah. punks. Is fraid unud fraid she dash shit pan unuh das why unuh haffi send it enn unda dance pics. look how much ppl pics did deh there and unuh find dem two yah.. rotten hole cah cure rotten breath cah cure memba dat. unuh fi stop walk and nyam di man dem batty and talk up ina ppl face. di man dem still no wah unu. big up jr and him wife and him Fam Polly unuh mad cause is a one fukk unuh wah and cah get 2 cum outta him.

    1. serious people been got that one fukk already ask his sister she likes me. Tell polly stop play 2 face and have him talk to her friends.

  12. Thank you both Met & Anonymous – these men bold now a days they don’t have no shame it come like the new thing roun de place have both the wife and matie in functions together! smdh

  13. teka cum here mi hear seh yuh uncle teacha get 5 years mi waa know if a true, n mi hear seh him sing pa di man FOX like a bitch fi get less time.

  14. Ro Ro dont worry about teka worry about why barney dont want you and go help ya cousin keisha bell 1 grand out of jail tax time and donna just keep dance. it least jr and teka family stick together.

  15. Stop call up ppl name in this shit. Row row don’t got shit to do with this.. Y a row row name a call look like she a mad some of yall . Don’t worry About row row and her family. Dem good. come off the ppl dem bbc name big pussy Tia and Sunday best Fuk gal dem.

    1. Row row a thief and will soon get deported like the rest of her family for thief. All now one grand cant come out out of jail yet for beating the little boy for thief lol. And hin thief 2

  16. Who the f**k is Teka ???? She look like a man . She don’t even worth anyone’s time to be talk about. She don’t look good.. Teka you look like when Bees flying what the f**k is that on you’re back.

    1. Man for true I member one time I was getting my hair done at rosie and when Teka left she start talk about how the girl so f**k%$# hairy and she need to shave her face Remember when her uncle kept dance hall queen some years back in philly and when the camera man go up under her skirt pure nappy hair the man on 52 street could not stop laughing.

  17. Bwoy it bunn you ..you mad you dash out ur goodies and breed fi ah pauper. Ur life miserable and u no stop run from pillow to post.. Joke is on you trying to clsim di ppl dem man weh play u licke a figgle. A dat a mad u . Even if di man love dagshit u were worse than that so u will never be wifed like Teka. Top grudge di gal cause u never lucky fi fet s future. U madda neva teach di trick hiw fi keep pplm man. U curse just likke she no baddie no wah unnh fi more than 1 night. Try. Being Teaka fren an d learn a tip or 2.. But then again she no like or wah know a silent hater like u. Di gal future set and urs dim and sticky. God no like ugly and him doh bless di wicked too bad u have both sickness abd all dat makeup cah cova it up. U need fi go buy some pride and look ah life. .

    1. wow the same trick teka mother teach burn air in curry no blood in stew peas. If teka future set why cant she finish school and stop staying on welfare. If you married and set why you need to collect welfare. Jr side piece will soon turn wife piece and guess what she is not on welfare. Good job unlike the rest of sunday best family that goes to a LPN program and dont stop posting about Im a nurse. LPN cant even get hired in a hospital. Or the fat ugly one that goes to art institute for fashion that look likes she eats the cloths before she could put them on. If your life set go fix you and you family up. Hairy women more facial hair than your men. Candy tell Omar I will see him tonight when he comes to sell me some insurance lol

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