Knife-toting wife trails husband to lover’s house
Sunday, June 17, 2018

A jealous woman who surprised her husband outside his lover’s house where they were held with knives, confessed in court that she had trailed her husband to his girlfriend’s house.

The two — Timar Green and Kayden Pryce-Green — were arrested in Meadowbrook, St Andrew, on May 1 by a policeman who had seen them arguing and intervened.

The couple, pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon when they appeared before Parish Judge Vaughn Smith, and was ordered to pay $4,000 or serve 10 days in jail.

When the matter was called up on June 6, Green, in response to a query from the judge as to what he was doing at the premises in Meadowbrook, told the court that it was his lady friend’s home.

Judge Smith then turned to Pryce-Green and said: “I am curious, how did you know that he was there.”

“I trailed him there,” she quickly responded.

She then told the court that Green is her husband, but Green disclosed that they separated last December.

“Are you two still together?” the judge asked.

Green replied “No.”

Pryce-Green, who did not want to say that they are no longer together, told the judge that although they were separated, her husband was “back and forth”.

“It was in April I found out about his girlfriend, and we are still married,” she said.

“So you left your yard to go and confront him?” the judge asked Pryce-Green, who answered “Yes.”

“What was your plan, ma’am?”Judge Smith further asked.

Pryce-Green, however, did not reply.

“Clearly, you were going there to make a bad situation worse,” the judge saidd.

Green, when asked why he was walking around with a knife, said that his wife had visited his workplace and stole his phone and since then he has been getting threats. Hence, he said the knife was to defend himself.

“It’s a very good thing the police was there,” Judge Smith said.

Before they were fined the judge told them: “It is unfortunate that your marriage has broken down the way it has but on the bright side, you are not here on a more serious charge. You each need to be grateful that you are not getting a fine.”


  1. Wife you cooking di food and washing the clothes, why you even wasting time a hold knife pon him when you have the power to make him life very miserable easily.

  2. Wifey, really ago fi desperate housewife of the year. Them stop live together since December of last year. Him move on, trailing the man to matey yard is the height of desperation. Which is very unattractive. Wives take notes while him all into matey, glow up. Lose weight do your hair, nails etc. hang out with your friends take trips, everything except focusing on him. Nothing like living well and looking good best revenge ever

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