1. Clearly she nuh invest her money in clothes. What if she repeat? That’s just one suit anyways.
    The wife dunce yuh f**k

  2. Wifey fr yesterday me a read u sound dumb no fuxxx. Clearly the mate giving u a run for ur money.

    Morning met and other. Been reading but not commenting too much

  3. Tannice u mate in jamaica and still put herself together better than u all when she a repeat. You tell your friends say him no stop give you problems. Your say you know is not lie the girl telling. So just stop.

  4. Kmft wife unsure n uncomfortable bad….u live a America wid yu family n a worry bout oman a ja. Wifey yu weak n a damn waste nah argue wid nu gal ova man wi use to r still a share.

  5. So what if she repeat from it don’t belong to you why is it a issue i bet ur man’s money a fat up her bank book n a pay her rent tho my lady there is more to life than clothing u sound like a basic hoe that if a man dont give yuh u don’t have

  6. Will these idiots leave Met’s inbox and bandwidth alone caws all now mi no kno why dem no go beat di man weh a clown out di two a dem. Repeat clothes is a ting yu use cuss people? Dem girls ya special b.

  7. So because MY dress weh mi have on today mu cant count how much time mi wear it mi husband nah tek vare a mi?! WTF am I reading?! Yuh cah wear back ur own clothes? This is why unnu will neva betta inna life. My husband and I have great career/jobs make good money and i REPEAT MY CLOTHES ALL THE TIME bcuz I have a house, 401k and pension, investments. JACKASS

  8. Unu affi realize say is allie express tannice shop pon so is not wear she no waa wear it back is cant she cant wear it back. Them shrink or tear as u wear them.

    You mek u son and so call husband breakfast yet you on fb

  9. The reason you don’t wear back your clothes is because it’s not yours . This goes to show that a di gal clothes so she can wear any amount of time she want cause its hers

  10. Ha ha but in the second pic it looked like the $370 done cuz she looks darker, like the rubbings money done or is the lighting? Raatid a di same photograher too lol.
    Wifey seems insecure though

  11. Yea are mada wear and letf them frm england mi dtill win like shi sah and she cant look better then me cause she have yo watch mi hw mi look

    1. But you husband see something inna Har still dont? Nuh matter how good you a say she look..yuh husband take 370 outta you and you family pocket and a mine har.

      Wife you need a wake up call. So what she repeat her clothes. All when you nah repeat you husband still a mine and want it.

      First me ever see matey a ja a mash up foreigna head. Wife you need fi stop.

      Mayte repeat it yes. 370 fi go spend pon big grocery fi eat nice and comfortable and fat up di body fi di people them husband. Dwl.

  12. Unno cayliss eehh a cuss over dal brown and wen him deh ja him itch up a mi cousin yard 24/7 and she nah gii him nuh time outta the day kmt…he’s nobody but uno a cuss over him,So maybe him a somebody now but u and the man deh farrin and a worry bout a girl weh deh ja.. Dalton brown aka dal brown is nobody in Jamaica walk an look everybody

  13. Mi naw lie still no gal caah tell me how much time fi repeat my clothes a my own. Plus di man a send di money go gi har she have her evidence. Go talk to di husband girl a him send di 300 an add go give har.

  14. dalton is not married and him and the baby mother don’t live together, and dalton fi somebody weh a walk ana katch a fren yard a new york yuh have $370 fi sen guh yard amd yuh cyah rent a furnish room fi live ina yuh condition bad

    1. :hammer it hard to believe these same bitches use to one yard, Church and school shoes. Not to Mention one screen wid limited clothes and now a class up people bout repeat clothes!

      Me see rich ass Kim Kardashian wear the hell out a har clothes dem especially har 2 tan color shoes! Being a legal wife really gone to de dogs- literally!

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