15 thoughts on “WINTER PARTY PICS

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Ladadidadadada mi seh a don’t know what is dat. Dem dislike yuh comment goods an yuh speak truth.

  1. #1– NEEDS SLEEP much. Face sagging.
    #2 & 3— VERY nice Shapes
    #4 &5 &12—-LESS IS BEST.unu look much too fussy and ah course mi eyes.
    #7– giving me a Kim Possible & Sweets 2009 Vibe
    #14–no flaming bottle service for you that night I suppose. Cause mi wouldn wa see that pleather up in flames

  2. I’ve never ever ever seen Tracy and she doesn’t look good …..until now and I actually like Tracy. No mumma. Not dat dress/outfit waddeva it is. And……Why Coco Chanel always look like a mad woman when she dress. She is far from ugly and her body nuh too shabby. I’m sure she can dress better man. Cho. Tricia looks nice. From weh day bare tings a gwaan fi Tricia. Big up yuh self. Do yuh ting. Benji fonally sekkle down. Good for him.

  3. Coco look like she ready fr holloween
    Tracy confused bad no sa she stay bad somebody couldn’t tell her nuh come out a her house look so

  4. #1 always looks nice but she she gwanny gwanny an is an undercover whore I cannot give her much ratings
    #2 looks OK
    #3 looks like a fucker gal – check out the pose LOL
    #4 face nice but you didn’t wear that bodysuit with the confidence fe bring it off
    #5 HOT MESS
    #6 Tamela why did you? You could have worn something to compliment your body
    #7 You two are trying and it’s ok but those outfits are not for your body types
    #8 Natty GO SLEEP you look washed up
    #9 Marsha you look nice – your legs are to die for and your smile is beautiful
    #10 Samantha always gets it, you go girl
    #11 Tracie go bathe, you look musty
    #12 GT Sandra and Coco look like two seasoned clowns
    #13 Something is off with you but I cannot put my hands on it so you get a pass. I think it’s your toes running out your sandals but I could be wrong
    #14 Tricia Rush you ruined the outfit with that ugly ass YSL shoes. A simple Black patent leather pump from Steve Madden would have killed it but I guess Steve Madden is beneath you smh less is more.
    #15 Bengi and his girl pass, they look good. Se could have been more relaxed in the shoulder area but she gets a pass
    #16 Black is definitely beautiful. You look really nice
    #17 Shawty stop bleach, it shows up your strong features. Put that dress down now SPENDA and take daily showers because you look stick like Paul Doormat Tracey
    #18 Tracey your hair did not do your justice, you look wet and tired, rest your body now man is full time
    #19 You look nice

    Please don’t kill me for my opinion on the above hot people because they’re celebrities and celebrities are judged, they know what they signed up for.

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