UPDATE: A woman, #IeshaJones, has been charged with murder & conspiracy to commit murder in the deepening investigation which has implicated Leighton Livity, Lanchester and Michael Christopher Coke. All 4 are accused of murdering Patrick Davis o/c P-Boy

A woman has been charged in the deepening murder investigation which has implicated three reputed members of the Coke family who operate out of Tivoli Gardens in West Kingston.

The woman, Iesha Jones, has been charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Jones was remanded today when she appeared in the Corporate Area Criminal Court.

Similar charges are expected to be laid this afternoon on Leighton ‘Livity’ Coke and Michael Christopher ‘Titty Man’ Coke.

The charges relate to the killing of Denham town based gunman, Patrick Davis, otherwise known as P-Boy.

Davis was killed in March this year and his body dumped in East Kingston.

Nationwide News understands a man has given a statement to the Police alleging he heard Livity utter expletives then accuse Davis of organizing a gun attack on him, Livity.

According to the alleged eyewitness, he then saw Livity shoot Davis in the chest.

Jones is accused of leading Livity and his cronies to the location where it’s being alleged they murdered Davis.

Titty man is accused of attempting to clean up the crime scene where Davis was murdered.

While another man, Lanchester Coke, is accused of helping Livity place Davis’s body into the trunk of a motor vehicle.

Steps are being taken to have Lanchester Coke deported to Jamaica from the United States.

An M-16 rifle was reportedly found at the house where Lisa Jones and another man were taken into Police custody in connection with the crime.

It’s believed that Davis had organized gunmen in April last year to attack Livity in Hellshire in Portmore St. Catherine. Livity was shot and injured.


  1. in as much as I despise theese crime enabling dregs, from a logical and self defence standpoint I’d like to know the answers to theese simple questions:

    1. in a society like jamaica with a culture of tit-for-tat and almost zero faith in the banana judicial system, if that particular individual(p boy) was in fact behind the attempt on that livity person’s life, then what the hell were they(police) expecting?

    2. what if the assassination was successful and they(police) later found out that p boy was behind it, would they had persue him? or it would’ve been another cold case given that its another good riddance of another dreg from society?

    3. given the coke family majestic status in tivoli and the corporate area environs, why did they took it upon themselves? with their strong support,links and patronage, couldn’t they send cronies or even rogue elements in the JCF to deal with that matter?

    4. did the JCF possess the information that p boy was behind the assasination attempt on livity BEFORE the retaliation or AFTER? and if they had the information before, why did’nt they moved on p boy befor livity did? and if its after, they sure receive that information quick to surmise.

    5. is it another case of a “trap-set” by the system to nail the cokes for good just like zeeks, joel andem and vybes kartel tommy lee etc(not saying its a bad thing)? questions that need answering :travel

  2. Such a pity. Pboy you did say you ago kill lesha with f**k before you board your taxi lol the pu**y won. I have zero sympathy for the likes of you who think it’s a game to kill people. A wonder if people knew how evil you were. The lot of you are dregs, who need to be exterminated. Damn roaches.

  3. Please, even rapist have justice in Jamaica, or anywhere in the world, every crime breaker have to pay the ultimate price when the law catches up with you. So to your dump questions, yes, P boy would have faced the same judgement as the Coke family, Livity survived, compare to how many innocent lives he took likewise P boy, they all killers we should be happy regardless of how they go, in the grave or jail, as I rather in the grave cause dem still have links a jails to kill innocent people, only if all these gun man cold just kill each other, not innocent people. If it was the other way around Livity dead and P boy, was alive police doing the same thing, put it out there that he is wanted. Dem need to scrape up all the Coke family, think they would learn from Dudus in jail, this no look good if Us was to even give him early released. Cho bunch of hungry ghetto bastards, P boy, Livity, titi man,all of them and the rest of useless so call murderers without a cause, God ain’t sleeping. I don’t care to know, any of these people or their families. Shame and disgrace….

  4. UPDATE: Witness statement allege that #IeshaJones invited Denham Town gunman #PatrickDavis to the Gretna Green Guest House to “spend time”, then Livity, Titty Man & others pounced & abducted Davis. Allegations are Jones traveled to RastaCity where she watched Livity murder Davis.

    UPDATE: Other statements allege that #IeshaJones was in a relationship with both the deceased Patrick Davis and the accused man, Michael Christopher #TittyMan Coke. Titty man is the son of Dudus. A statement alleges that Livity uttered expletives then shot Davis in the chest.

  5. So the girl invite him … she nuh mus know nutten bout it … it could be a hotel staff…….and him a bad man and wah bi cocksman at di same time ????? Yu haffi choose a him gi weh him life

        1. You are grossly underestimating the power of a WO-MAN. They have brought down kings, presidents, CEOs, Adam, VERY powerful men, you name it. Why do you think P-“Boy” could resist the lure of a woman? 😀

  6. wonder who was/is that brave witness that gave testimony! wonder if witness will be available court date as crown witness to implicate! you would want to think the person who gave the credible info was either in presence or was part of the plot, either way the culprits would have an idea who.

    1. Ram jam I was thinking the same thing, if that brave witness safety will not be compromised. Cause it’s as simple as paying a dirty police

    2. I think it is Iesha Jones is the witness (female of course). She was the person who was at the hotel with the victim and was the last person to see him alive. The police key in on her and she couldn’t stand up to the interrogation and flip on the others. The police have precise details, so it is obvious to the others who the witness is. Plus, that witness is likely completely lockdown where they cannot get to the witness. That is why the Lanchester Coke fled to the Bronx when he realize a witness exist.

      Just my theory…not facts.

      1. Also, did you guy notice she is the only person charged for murder so far? That tells me she either confess or they have undeniable proof she was directly involved in the murder.

  7. “How eye witness fi Deh pan murder scene and you’re not charged? Iesha my suggestion you stop talk cause a you alone inn dis,….you Wah f**k bad man dis a Di consequence, when yuh breed fi Chris when u around 12 Chris madda mek yuh dash it weh and yuh still force up. Now yuh pregnant a prison…. One bag a name calling love yuh life hear dat

    1. If she is pregnant in prison now, she was pregnant when she met with P-Boy at the hotel, so she was f**king on the belly?

  8. Also, did you guy notice she is the only person charged for murder so far? That tells me she either confess or they have undeniable proof she was directly involved in the murder. Who want to bet she doesn’t get bail.

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