Authorities are investigating the death of a Missouri woman who had traveled to South Florida to undergo a Brazilian butt lift procedure.

According to Hialeah Police, 25-year-old Ranika Hall underwent the procedure at Eres Plastic Surgery in Hialeah, Thursday night. During the surgery, the Kansas City resident lost consciousness and wasn’t breathing.

Officials said fire rescue crews responded to the cosmetic surgery center shortly after the call came in, just before 9 p.m.

Hall was rushed to Larkin Community Hospital, located just blocks away, where she died about an hour later.

A law firm representing the clinic and Dr. Daniel Calva, who works at the clinic, sent 7News the following statement, Friday night: “Dr. Daniel Calva and Eres Plastic Surgery are deeply saddened by what has occurred and offer their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Dr. Calva is a highly skilled and caring surgeon that is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to his patients. The cause of death has not yet been determined until a medical forensic examiner has completed an examination.”

A woman who identifies herself as Hall’s mother has set up a GoFundMe page in the patient’s name. On that page, she wrote, “[Ranika] has a beautiful 1-year-old old daughter that I need to bring her body back for a proper burial. If you can donate anything please please do so. Thank you.”

Hall is not the first to lose her life after traveling to South Florida for plastic surgery. Last year, 29-year-old Heather Meadows went under the knife at the same Hialeah location, then named “Encore Plastic Surgery.” An investigation into her Brazilian butt lift procedure later found no criminal wrongdoing.

As for Hall’s case, Hialeah Police are assisting the Florida Department of Health and the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office in this investigation.


  1. Condolences to the family and friends!! Dem have money for plastic surgery but not a insurance policy…priorities my people

  2. These have money fi buy new body, fi yuh model/show off and pose/post pin ppl, now she DEAD and mother AH start Go Fund Me for 1 tear old daughter, travel expenses for the return of body and burial????? From I was birth outta Pauline…..! :nohope :sorry :cystg :cd :malu2 :bingung :berduka

  3. Kmt. The granny better go get a personal loan! Cremation and container cheap.

    Carelessness warrants no sympathy.

  4. What is wrong with these people? Keep calm wid unu lickle piece a batty weh unu have nuh man!!!! Omg…is a big butt really worth unu life?

    1. Maybe, but in certain states doctors who do not specialize in plastic surgery can perform these types of procedures i.e a gynecologist. Add to that, there are patients who shop around for surgeons after they were denied plastic surgery because of their poor health. This was the case for the lady from Antigua who died after getting breasts and butt implants as well as liposuction all in one shot! She was denied initially because her blood pressure was too high, so she found another surgeon who gave her the okay. Now she is dead! SMDH!

      1. Oh so a dat really did happen with she? Smh…. ppl ppl. Ur health come first. Nuh rush the batty and breast if u nuh inna good health

  5. I wouldn’t even get my tires changed in Hialeah. That’s not the first death by that doctor at that facility. I understand she’s not from Florida and probably wouldn’t know Hialeah is one big ghetto, but upon approaching that broken down raggedy ass building in a dirty strip mall, why on Earth wouldn’t you request your money back. There are many reputable surgeons in Coconut Grove that charge $8000 for a butt lift. Cheapness kills and with a Brazilian Butt Lift, a person is 20 times more likely to die F than any other cosmetic procedure.
    My condolences. I have nothing against surgery but if you’re gonna do it, spend the money and do it well.

  6. to hello and the mother of the young lady that die.. I pray you both find strength in this time of need. I pray that the pain you feel be taken away in due time. I lost my man 5 years ago and it still feel like yesterday. but God can heal all pain just trust him..as for that baby I pray God u keep and protect her under your wing.

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