Woman Dumped Baby at NYC Subway Station, Cops Say
NEW YORK β€” Jul 7, 2014, 10:14 PM ET
Associated Press
New York City police say they are searching for a woman who abandoned a baby at a Manhattan subway station.
According to WINS Radio (http://cbsloc.al/1jZW9e4), it happened around noon Monday.
Police say the woman pushed the baby’s stroller onto the platform when the northbound No. 1 train arrived at the Columbus Circle station. Then she got back onto the train.
Authorities say the baby is 6 to 7 months old. She was examined at Roosevelt Hospital. Police say there were no apparent signs of trauma.
The woman who abandoned the baby is described as 20 to 30 years old with medium length black hair. She was last seen wearing a short sleeved yellow blouse.


  1. Well if she can do dat, di pickney bettah off widout har. Why Lord why some women open dem legs and have unprotected sex and den do dem sinting yah. Hope the baby find a good home.

  2. it could be worst, but if she decide fi give up the child why not at the police station or firehouse, those are safe haven for the babies

  3. She’s caught god bless the cameras in the subway, she’s only 20 feels overwhelmed did not know where to turn. Thank god for nosy New Yorkers baby is safe hope she get some help.

  4. She’s been arrested. She claims she just came to NY, is homeless and the father of her child was just murdered in L.A……I pity her. Being so young, heartbroken, broke and hopeless with a young child must be overwhelming. Glad she didn’t harm the child and hopes the court is lenient towards her and that she finds some kind of assistance. She’s clearly in need of assistance. Someone like her certainly could benefit from Section 8 and food stamps….alleviate some of her misery and give her a bit of hope. She’s cared for the child for 7 months, he was in good condition when found so I don’t think it was done out of cruelty but rather, hopelessness. Bless them both.

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