Woman Corporal Judith Williams, who was shot and injured in a violent attack on Bray Street in Franklyn Town, Kingston 2, yesterday morning, has died.

Read: Policewoman shot in Franklyn Town

Williams, 54, was attached to the Office of the Commissioner of Police.

Reports from the Corporate Communications Unit are that Corporal Williams was at a bus stop about 6:30 am when she was attacked by two men armed with guns, who shot her multiple times before leaving the scene on a motorcycle.


She was taken to hospital where she underwent several surgeries, but later succumbed to her injuries.


  1. so the force is a government entity right ? police personnel is one of the most hated folks in ja even below child molesters, just because of them job right ? police pay get taxed super high right ? them fire arm alone make them a target and you wah tell me the caffy government can’t make transportation for them personals a priority . The airlines and private sector do it. Is it a horrible thing to say the politician dem fi have a prius car budget just to get government personal a bus system to get to and from work . Especially the most hated police men and women. This is not the first time I am hearing a police man or women getting shot while taking the public transportation to and from work . SO SAD

  2. You Jamaicans are all ONE, stop killing each other… Jamaica is a small island of brothers and sisters friends and family… The police and all civilians must get together as one because you are all connected in some way so when u kill you are killing yourself, your auntie your sister or your brother… Wake up and unite as one people, help each other to fight the battle of the root of evil which is money…

  3. It’s that duppy flim guy people did this to her! Find him he is still in the area the people are scared fine him! He must pay for what he has done! Fine him!!

  4. This is the 2nd Police wey get killed in JA just this week alone. One on Monday in Vineyard Town, and now da ooman ya a Dunkirk. I wonder what the Commissioner has to say about that!

  5. Condolences to her family, TRUE friends and neighbors. May any good deeds she performed in this life bring reward in abundance to her love ones. Selah

  6. Met the streets are talking and dem sey is inside job.The one dat did a ride di bike is a cop and a him pick up the shooter.him name soon start call but dem sey the Commish need to tek a good look at her co-workers and who she beefing with.xoxo Phantom phoenix!

  7. They need to go get the police office who wanted her dead, the same one she sued and he didn’t want to give har her money and now the women dead… They need to find those two men… Too many police is corrupt how can they be trusted… All he had to do is pay the women har money even if it was in payments but he paid someone to kill har though… Look at the police officer who ordered har hit… Sorry bastard him time will come…

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