Hi my name is Liz and I have a story and dovey Magnum I met her June 19th Family Day in Atlanta after I met her we took picture and talk I asked her if she would promote my business for me because I have a online store and she said yes so I feel good to know that somebody thinking that she was a celebrity is going to promote my business so I went up to meet her at her house when I get there me and my friend this woman start crying donkey tears telling me and my friend that she’s getting evicted out her house balling out her eyes send for the eviction notice paper I didn’t even get to start showing all my stuff that I want her to promote for me she said she was going to wear the stuff and promote them and tag me into it not even three days I know this woman for I feel so sorry for her I said okay I’ll lend you the money to pay your rent I’m going to take shame out of your eye right now she even cry  hugs and my friend and tell us where God gift and a godsend us I take my $2500 dollar and zelle this woman after knowing her for 3 days I’m so disappointed in myself but I’m a good-hearted person and I thought she was somebody good never know until now she took my clothes and my wigs and she wear them she never tagged me into it she’s going to events you want me to come she don’t have no money to pay for our ticket I bought both of ticket , she don’t have any money to pay for her nails she’s begging money for $50 to pay for her nails and I’m just thinking it’s a goodness of my heart I’m trying to help her because I need promotion right I didn’t see no promotion up till now this woman wear my clothes and my wig my  she never tagged me into one until I start asking her why I don’t see a promotion going on you wearing the stuff but you still not promoting me she is very disrespectful she don’t know how to talk to people so I tell her I don’t like her disrespectful ways and I’m going to need my $2500. back and don’t talk to me until you have my money so I start calling her now and asking her for my money this woman choose not to answer the phone and not to return my message when I went with her to Virginia I have my passport ID and she stole it from my bag now I know she’s a thief this is my one lesson I will never trust people again, when I went to her house that same day she didn’t even have water in her fridge or food to eat or else was dry and empty no furniture in the house no toilet paper to wipe her ass I had to give her six toilet paper when she came by my house and food she is very ungrateful and she don’t have far to go with that kind of behavior I heard that this is what she do pray and innocent people to cry and get there things if you can call me I’ll tell you the rest of the story thanks for reading and please respond I want to hear her out on social media and I don’t care. Simsky Harrison Aka Dovey Magnum low life

9 thoughts on “WOMAN SEH SHE LEND DOVEY 2500

  1. Since u Zelle her the money,sue her rass. A do tings bad fi dovey,she nah mek no new song bawl out vanish inna d wilderness longtime.

  2. And everyday Dovey deh pon social media ah gwaan like shi hot gal!!! Har so called career stuck & buck. She needs to cease & desist putting out har fuckery song dem

  3. When she start cry, you shoulda cry louder n say you actually did a hope she do the promo fi free til things speed up for you.
    I guess you wanted to put your best foot forward cuz she’s a “celebrity” cuz people cry fi money everyday lol

  4. It look like a friend yuh a look, and you say she a celebrity that’s where you went wrong she’s a common person that love attention on IG not the same, me glad me no run up inah people, do your own promotion and pray that God bless you business we give people too much power, can’t blame nobody but yourself. Live and learn.

  5. Sounds like the price you paid to be friends with a celebrity was $2500. A true business person would have rescheduled another meeting for a another day.

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