Off topic. Not Bounty’s woman or is concubines.. But met can you do a discussion for women to empower themselves and not depend on men! It look like from them rob bounty him doe chat to Claudia! But she keeps running behind him. I know how bounty feels hes tired of always providing and not getting anything back whether it be woman or friends or family.. Me can’t believe a big woman like Claudia sit on laptop computer each day a talk bout affirmation and not doing no action to fulfill those terms? How she say she a business woman and can post half naked pics of herself a river during the week? A what type of business she run? Met build a little topic to uplift these women please! Stop depend on man stop men man treat ooun like shit just because of fame and little money. Because me sure the amount of money kills mek if him even give her 50 thousand out of it.. It nah hurt him pocket and him no feel no way because it is not disable is bills. Women most of these women need to stop be like that, invest in yourself the amount a years u invest in man u know how far u could have reach in life if you invest that effort in yourself? Every year this girl hang on and the relationship is not going no where. Killa no wan nobody worst someone weh can’t help themselves! Met you can’t talk to her? Do she have any friends


  1. Sender thanks for this because just yesterday I sent in something about a young girl who doing the same foolishness run behind man and has nothing to call her own but people will view it the wrong way and seh we jealous

    1. Maybe him think it smart fi be in control certain ways but when u cant put your 50% with your other half’s 50% den di ship a go always sink and limp..A lot of these artistes fi know that

  2. Met who want women to depend on them are ” controllers” I am speaking from experience. They want to keep you under them so u cannot leave them ,even if you want to because you are not financially stable on your own. This is facts !!! One day he admitted the reason why he don’t want me to work when we were arguing .

  3. :kr My thighs are apart for when you’re ready to breathe in. Suck me up, I’m healing for all the sh!T you’re dealing. Motherf**r, get your mouth open, you know you’re mine. :kr :travel :kr

  4. But met a real thing me deh party almost every night nd him stop bring Claudia is a brown short girl me always see him with never yet see kills with a short girl a always tall girls lol and them always cuddle up In a d party dem, but Claudia fi stop gwaan like she a idiotbut killa look like him love Claudia tho

  5. But a real thing I’m at party almost every night n I don’t see killa n Claudia no more its always him n a short brown girl, I never seen killa with short girls yet always tall so something she n them always a cuddle up in party but on a serious note Claudia must stop act like she fool to killa but it looks like killa check for Claudia tho no lie

  6. That’s why I will work for my own . Spend it how I like
    Do u know how nice it is to work and can buy anything you want. Don’t get me wrong nothing is wrong with being spoiled by ur man
    . But don’t let him become someone you have to depend on.

  7. ChrisAnn go oneside cause u talkin about urself n a few likkle par u get offa him so have several seats

    Killa dont want noooooobody him hate all a him gyal dem

  8. Killa always a help him gyal dem start a likkle bizniz mi nuh know Wah a gwaan wid him n Claudia

    1. I Dont need Jamal! I wrote that comment on my phone. So of course if the phone has spell check it will mess up.. I own three cars, I have a college education I am a single mom I owned two homes. I have great credit I am in law school now. While I was typing that message at work I still got paid. While your friend” Claudia is at home stressing over man money! And if he will come back. You people are funny when people point out the truth y’all get angry. I Dont need schooling Claudia does! Encourage her to go back and help herself.. We are never too old to learn something new. Keep encouraging her todepend on man money. Keep it up you are doing great inconsequentially. Enjoy the rest of your evening

          1. Anon, mi haffi buy out dah argument yah. Lali is a VERY intelligent brother. Yuh really can’t test him pon dah level dere. Nah tek nuh sides…just ah state di facts….:travel

  9. Valid point sender. Big up all the financially stable independent women dem!!! It nuh have nuttn fi duh wid whether yuh man rich or nah. Too much wutliss beggy beggy ooman deh bout ah leech pon man. My husband mek good money from long time and we live good…but God forbid and we have to go separate ways unno done done seh Yawdy education, savings, and job will keep she and di three pickney dem grounded until however long it tek di alimony and child support fi payout :ngakak Big and serus doe….fire bun fi all wutliss ooman weh depend pon man fi ah dollar. Neyo said it best in Miss Independent “Work like a Boss, play like a Boss”

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