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Would you buy one of these dresses for 700usd?
So u mean to tell me aneka a spend 700usd on a piece a cloth n still paying rent?
Word of advise.. go pay down on a house with all those money u blowing. The cheque soon stop run. Brian a find u out

20 thoughts on “WOULD YOU PAY $700 USD?

  1. If a Nish mek it NO, if a smaddy else YES…..and that a just because me nuh like har!

    @Sender females like this prefer the apartment living and di tex taxi thing, an if dem lucky dem get a likkle car and a business…! Long term a nuh really suptn dem pree! Until life start catch up to dem and dem!

  2. Nope nah do it cuz mi caan live inna or auction it couple years fr now cuz ya nobody…, dwrcl. She nuh pay dat fi it tho cuz a promotion she a do. Nish better pick find a different brand ambassador

  3. I think she and sham don’t pay for clothes they just model it for the designer because I refuse to believe some gal fool like this

  4. Weh unuh a worry bout dem a sex fi the money and a shell it out inna dem ppl yah han, while these people (earning money legit) are stacking up on the money dem fck so hard for and a elevate dem life wid it. These dummies are fattening these bitches pockets soo fast.

  5. Even if you spray perfume on shyt, it’s still going to smell and be shyt. This gal ah dog shyt and no matter how much cheap clothes she frownzy up with her macreal smelling crotch and under-wiped azz, she’s still going to being a low life. I can’t imagine someone buying an outfit after seeing her model it…

  6. Me believe she buy it fi the $700 USD cause she wasteful like that. Last year a $100,000 she drop in a rapunzel pocket pon one wig. Them sad eeeh all these stunting just because u want people say u “slay”. And still a live in a rent house and don’t even have a taxi pon road. She run go start shoes business and copy evrrything from shoe tease. Only diff is that waynette can run business. Aneka soon get tired fi drop off ppl shoes a dem yard and start nyam out back the money and the business mash up. Dem fi know dem na young forever and when a 70 year old man weh have money wi pick up a 20 year gal. A 70 year old woman na easily find dem luck deh. As she get older Brian ago look somebody fresher.

  7. If the girl can pay her rent after spending whatever on clothes… What that have to do with you, sender?

    Not everyone ready for house expenses (mortgages, insurance, taxes, complete utilities, maintenance) or longevity of a residence.

    Give the young girl a damn break. Somethings unu mek bother unnu don’t mek no damn sense.

    1. You sound foolish. I hope no respectable young woman will listen to you.

      Can bet you are like her paying rent with no asset to your name so u looking validation.

  8. the thing is when you scam you can only use the credit to buy things – is not actual money them get

    and since is not their credit/money spending they will pay the 700 for a piece of mesh cloth to hype on the gram

  9. I had to take a double turn when I saw the spelling of the designer cause me know “mishacollection” naw Mek that. Unu Brite sah a name unu business that name offa the ppl them good good rass place. Be original man jeesh…Kmt!

  10. Kmt i am no big seamstress ….all i hv is a little sewing machine that i use to sew few little items and i dont see the details or design in these dresses for 400 to 700 usd…..i hav bought similar material to those used by nish and sewn similar dresses and i cant fathom how it would be worth that much….kmdt these stupid girls are fashion whores…whatever is deemed “in style” they will f**k dog to get it to stay SM relevant

  11. Aneka face fava bull dog eehh ma kmt. Well me go pan d site go fass n a dem money deh fi it d drawer alone a 200 usd to wear under d dress. D dress a round $450 plus d drawse me nah buy it sorry. That’s what these bitches live for clothes shoes n makeup to them that’s major accomplishments. Big up waynette for a 20 year old ur business has become very successful in such a short time. Love to c young girls winning n if u realize all the young girls putting good ideas to use. Kimone, pinxs, reecis, n the list goes on. Aneka go sit down u stolen idea lame af 5 likkle shoes u manage to order from d time u say u a do shoes store kmt.

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