12 thoughts on “WOULD YOU WEAR?

  1. The shoes ugly .. Yu know se mi si Wah pitcha ar sista today and a wonder how are neck big so wid Di little head

    1. God know you come from me spirit group! :kiss

      Me say every time me see de sista me buss a laugh cause har neck look like incredible hulk own 😀

      Yu see it worst when de weave a blow back

  2. She is unique in her own way,which I like about hr but dem shoes is a no for me worst in this heat,a straight meltage

  3. It’s okish..i love Solange cuz the fact is beyonce ain’t even 1% as real as her!in all she does,Solange keeps it real is just the media n society get stuff twisted cuz Bey is the evil sister n fake af.Solange is an angel of creativity n free spirit!

  4. Lawwwwwwwwwwwddddd woiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I laughhhhhhhhh till I nerly piss up miself.. What a Shhoe ugly. Weh Beyonce maddddd sister deh pon. I’ve seen it on olive oil,popeye gal or was it cat in the hat, or was it the grinch that STOLE Christmas…

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