0 thoughts on “WOWWOW AFRICA

  1. Iyanya …mek mi confirm seh mi a African wen mi hear kukere…mi tell mi son seh mi wah go Nigeria go live fi few years him seh him nuh wah move…but mi know wen him older him a go def. wah go some weh innaAfrica go live

  2. Love Black African music all cross di continent, dat Makossa music from Congo is probably my fave, but all across Africa di music sweet. The dancing is di shitz in dis. Laaks dem man know wah fi do wid dem waist line, a woman can get real overheated just watching…lol

  3. Always enjoy watching African movies, dances, dancing…dancing with such rhythm and happiness…LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ALL!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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