Obeah wucka Ann Marie Duffus yuh and yuh mummah tie up the people dem bwoy pickney fi green card! Unnu tink oonuh win him over wholly and souly an all now oonuh cyaa get green card! Not even altar oonuh cyaa get. Di coolie obeah ooman weah oonuh a go to, oonuh fi stop it! Oonuh fi stop wuk obeah pan di people dem bwoy pickney oonuh mek di man fraid fi eat from him owna family. Crawny gyal yuh nuh see seh obeah a show pan yuh!!! Yuh nuh see how yuh mash up! Di people dem bwoy pickney nuh even know the time a day nor di day a di week. Di people dem find out seh dem pickney is a changed person an dem ago seek help. Yuh an yuh mummah obeah wucka raas oonuh! Di man have money and yuh go a him dance in a J$200 dress and J$500 paradise curl—a dat yuh really tie man fah!?! Mi an yuh did a fren but wah yuh a do it nuh right ‘cause mi have brothers too.

An a nedda ting, yuh claim yuh nuh sleep wid him til the 5th day and a talk bout how yuh nuh ‘easy’ and das why him propose to yuh! Gyal yuh easier dan Sunday mawnin! Yuh naa get nuh ring!

Yuh too young fi so wicked! Whats wrong wid your hole mek yuh cyaa get man di normal way how other ooman get man?!?! Yuh a follow ina yuh mummah foot steps…same way she tie yuh puppah!




  1. Me know this girl and her whole family we come from the same parish and a the whole family a them into the science thing ah glad someone ketch up pon her she did tye up one married man before and breed and dash weh the belly but the married man did eventually get weh from har and the mumma weh no stop carry the whole ah the pickney dem a bush docta and the worst part them very poor them beg thief whore anything them have to do fi get money fi go a the science man. Sender you did the right thing weh you drop har as a friend.

  2. Judgement fi all ah dem obeah workin jezebels… Wat go inna dark HAFFI come out inna rass light.

  3. hey….. mi know da gyal yah….. a tru a suh di family a dem stay…… dem ca keep nuh man……. a suh dem did obeah one bwoy an kill him…… dem wicked yu f**k…… mi know di man weh shi tie up…… a di tlk ina di community seh shi an her mumma tie di ppl dem bwoy pickeny fi get paper a foreign cause a her last year a KENT STATE COLLEGE….shi hype….. an her cousin seh a bay pussy shi a sell a foreign….di gyal neva look gud yet ….dwl….yu wa c di gyal December a dance…..weh shi have on mi grandma nah were dat go bed wid her husband……dem need fi stop it cause her mother a Christian….ina big position ina di church wid 5 bwoy pickeny…..an look weh dem a do ……kmft it hurt mi heart fi dem

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