I don’t need your pity
I have held people captive in the city
I know I can be very cocky
No need to rush and blame
I did this all for fame
I had it all figured out,
I seemed to never be in doubt
I am the one who was sought after
Many youths called me the teacher

Young women seeking attention
I help them to liberate their demons
Clearly they overlooked my intentions
The government has not held its position
So I made a dent in its institution

I have no cares and no responsibility
I am only here to break down society
And no I don’t care about family
I border the lines of insanity
I was not made to suffer alone
So carefully I throw my bones
They know not what love is
Their life is a big waste
I had to create laws for the misplaced
Among them I am first place

Reality as I know it has come to an end
I have no one that will call me friend
I tell my self I will be free again
I try to pray, but I don’t know what to say
I am haunted my my deeds night and day
My Soul has left me and I am empty
Please! I was just an unwanted child
Seeking what I thought would be worthwhile
I wish I could go back to my day of entry
I beg your pardon! I am a victim of society
I am not ready, My verdict is read and I am ……….
written by real


  1. @Real, ur on the money gurl!!! on the money..Shirely-anne Palmer earned his numerous years a GP.. So disturbing to say the least. I’m convinced this demon is the anti-christ.

  2. This need to be published and publicized. This is a master piece well said Real, dis summed up the Demon quite nicely. Yuh sure do have a way with words..

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