2 goblins terrorise Kezi villagers


TWO goblins in Nyongole under Tshipisani Village, Ward 8 in Bidi are terrorising villagers, and some are living in fear of torment by the ungodly creatures.

It is understood that these goblins stalk villagers and even know them by name.

Villagers who spoke to Radio Dialogue said the goblins had become a menace, giving chase once it became dark.

“It becomes unwalkable once the clock strikes 8 or 9 pm. At first we thought it was one but other sightings indicate they were two. Sometimes they give chase sometimes their mere presence, gives one the goosebumps,” said Limukani Ncube, a social commentator, based in Kezi.

Ncube said he was approached by villagers who stay in Emthonjeni and Esikhovini areas in Bidi village, who informed him about the goblins which would call locals out by their names.

“People are terrified because they don’t know what these goblins would eventually do. It is shocking how these goblins know the villagers’ names,” he said.

He suspected that one of the villagers must be the owner of the two and perhaps telling them who is who in the area

One elderly woman, Margaret Dube said one of her nephews (name supplied) met with the goblins while he was herding cattle.

“The cattle are kept at a neighbours homestead and he goes there to round them up after school. The homestead is about two kilometres away and he often arrives home when the sun has set. It is in his journey home that he met these creatures. He came home panting, running, describing the strange creatures,” she said.

Moffat Ndlovu, another villager, said his son was traumatised after he saw one of the goblins.

“My son just met these goblins while walking about and one can imagine the trauma he endured he is now afraid to go out on his own,” he said.

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