The Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo Hall, Ibadan, Oyo State, has finally dissolved the 6-year-old marriage which produced two children, between Abdulsalam Muideen Adubi and his wife, Saudat, when they could not resolve their issues even after adjournment. The plaintiff, Muideen swore to an oath with the holy Quran that the best thing was to divorce his wife because she is irresponsible and loose.


Muideen told the court that the step he just took ought to have been taken about four years go even before his mother died.

“From day one of our marriage, her parents did not accept me as a husband because I was disgraced and even cursed. I left their house weeping.

“My wife is irresponsible; she wears provocative dresses around and which I’ve told her that I’m not comfortable with. Instead of turning a new leave, she said: “I’ve been wearing it before I met you.” She doesn’t take good care of me and also violates my rules and regulations. I don’t have rest of mind at all.

“One day, we were having sex and she said to me: ‘You’re not aware that I have another man with whom I’m having an affair.’

I was taken aback and could not reply. Since she let me into this, she has been threatening to kill herself because she has committed adultery a lot. I reported to her parents but her mother was always on her side. I’m fed up of being her husband. I want to eat the fruit of my labour. I beg the court to allow me have possession of the two children produced by our marriage so that they can enjoy the best of everything in life,” Muideen declared to the court.

The defendant, Saudat, was also ready to part ways with her husband on grounds that he does not appreciate her as a wife. She told the court that she has endured many things, yet the husband has decided to pay her back with divorce, saying this shows he doesn’t care about her.

“I was in the secondary school when he impregnated me. He treated me as if I was a slave because of my parents’ reaction to him the day he came to meet them. I never knew that he doesn’t want any progress for me.

“He challenges me that I’m moving with another man but I did not tell my parents about it. He batters me every time. I do not see any good example in him at all. “He told me sometime that he has a daughter who will be living with us. Since the girl has been with us, he has put her above me to the extent that he doesn’t even allow me to carry out my duties as a wife.

“I’ve been tolerating his misdeeds because of my children. Aside accepting the divorce, I want the court to order that the two children are in my custody for proper care,” Saudat said.

Since efforts to restore peace into their family by the court failed, it is obvious that there is no more love between them and more so, the court cannot force them to live together, the president of the court, Chief Agbaje Henry Olasunkanmi, read his judgement: “The marriage between husband and wife is hereby dissolved and court orders that the children stay with their father while the other stays with their mother. N3,000 is awarded for feeding allowance of the child every month, N12,000 for house rent and N3,000 for packing allowance. There should be no molestation whenever they meet on the way.”

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