Woman pursues ex-lover


Hell indeed has no fury than a woman scorned.

After waiting patiently expecting marriage only to be spurned, a self-acclaimed socialite Vimbai Tanyanyiwa is now suing her former lover, a lawyer whom she claims misled her and ended up marrying another woman.

The 25-year-old confessed she had even tried to stop Stephen Chikotora’s wedding but in vain. When she made a demand for $5 000 in compensation, her ex-lover only gave her $1 500.

However, Chikotora’s lawyers Rubaya and Chatambudza Legal practitioners claim the woman is a gold digger, who is seeking to extort money from the lawyer as no marriage promise was made.

The lawyers said Tanyanyiwa needs to be examined by two doctors as her actions are proof that “she is not mentally stable.”

“That woman is seeking relevance over nothing. She is an attention seeker who is trying to extort money from our client. She needs to be examined … because this is not done by a proper lady who is stable upstairs,” the lawyers said.

“Our client never had the alleged relationship with that woman in the manner she alleges at all. There was no way he could promise to marry someone he never dated at all. She should place evidence of all these allegations if she believes that she has a cause to claim those alleged damages. She is simply a gold digger who is raising false and malicious allegations meant to try and tarnish our client’s reputation.”

Despite receiving the $1 500, Tanyanyiwa claims she is not satisfied with the way the payment was handled, adding that she was not given a copy of the agreement documents.

In several correspondences to Chikotora’s lawyers, Tanyanyiwa’s attorneys from Gill, Godlonton & Gerrans Legal Practitioners claimed that the lawyer broke the marriage promise.

“Our client is naturally aggrieved by your conduct and has suffered damages for contumelia injuria and breach of promise to marry in $5 000. Accordingly our client’s instructions are to demand as we hereby do, payment of $5 000 by 4pm September 30, failure of which we will issue summons against you without further reference to you.”

The parties later entered into a non-disclosure agreement when the $1 500 was paid, which Tanyanyiwa’s lawyers demanded.

Chikotora’s lawyers, however, responded, “We have been instructed to write to you concerning your client’s demand for an alleged non-disclosure agreement. For the record the document in question was only signed by your client and never by ours.

It looks like the document signed by your client has been misplaced once found, we shall deliver a copy to you.

“Kindly take note of the fact that any claim for any damages will be defended. We are further instructed that you advise your client to desist from coming to our client’s work place without any invitation at all. Kindly advise that she is not welcome and she should leave him in peace.”

This is not the first time Tanyanyiwa has made news concerning her “relationships” as she was earlier this year in a court battle with another ex-boyfriend Clive Mudzengerere, who was suing her for smashing his phone after allegedly finding out he had been cheating.

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