A Pumula man was arrested on Wednesday for assaulting his 19-year-old gardener Mncedisi Sibindi with an axe after catching him in bed with his wife.

In a police statement, Patrick Mbedzi, 48, said his wife Bridget Ndlovu was having an affair with Sibindi and he had caught them pants down in his bedroom before he took his axe and struck his gardener on the arm in a fit of rage.

It is alleged that on Wednesday at around 1pm, Ndlovu and Sibindi were alone in the house when they decided to be to play the adults games in the family bedroom.

Mbedzi returned home to fetch his other cell phone he had forgotten in the morning while he rushed to work.

It is alleged that he found the main gate locked and used his spare keys to unlock the gate and entered. He called out his wife but did not get any response.

Mbedzi stated that he became suspicious when he found his bedroom door also locked. He fetched an axe from the veranda and cut the door down to find Ndlovu and Sibindi undressed in bed.

But both Ndlovu and Sibindi in a statement denied engaging in sex and claimed that they were putting up curtains in the bedroom and Mbedzi suspected that they were playing adults game.

Sibindi stated that the door was not locked and neither were they undressed. Mbedzi insisted that he had an affair with his wife.

He said Mbedzi became violent when he found them in the bedroom, slapping and kicking Ndlovu all over the body before he took an axe and struck him.

Ndlovu also pressed other charges of assault against Mbedzi stating that he had no right to be violent and she denies having an affair with Sibindi or having sex with him on the day.

Mbedzi is in police custody and the matter will be heard in the courts on April 24.

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