Due to the economic challenges that the country is currently facing, prostitutes in Marondera have fallen on hard times.

The rise in prostitution in Marondera is due to a number of reasons, chief among them the influx of sex workers reportedly coming as far as Nyamapanda in search of better fortunes.

A survey conducted by NewsDay recently revealed that most of the prostitutes are not benefiting financially from the trade.

$1 is enough to buy sex in this farming town with some of the hookers even charging five rand.

The prostitutes who spoke to NewsDay said they slashed their prices to $1 for their services because competition is very stiff.

“Business is no longer brisk these days, I think most women have resorted to sex work as some girls even come from as far as Nyamapanda to try their luck,” said one sex worker identified as Beyonce in the trade.

“My sister, business is very low these days, it’s better to charge $1 for sex rather than go home empty-handed,” she added.

“I can’t negotiate further than a $1 especially with the locals who know that girls are cheap here,” said Serina.

Another sex worker said that on a good day one can take home $10, but sometimes one can go empty-handed especially mid month.

Some of the sex workers said that they had resorted to barter trade as a bottle of beer can buy sex.

“To source for clients you can go for a bottle of beer that is if you find one who is willing to buy beer, after drinking you can thank the man with sex.

“Its better to go to the bars and drink with prospective clients, especially mid month when most wallets are empty because you never know where the interactions may lead it may be a stepping stone to prospective clients,” one prostitute said.

Some of the prostitutes said it seems as if many people had joined the trade.

“Each day you see a new face roaming around the bars sourcing for clients and some men just come for a drink not for women and the few that come for women can not afford all the sex workers so because of that we will end up without business, hence forcing us to offer cheap services.”


  1. I pray that there is a different more vile hell fi some of dese useless leaders wah seh dem a run country and bind dem ppl inna poverty fi generations. Just fi likkle food and some personal care items dese women haffi stoop suh low, a bet not even maxipad di money can buy. Poverty, poverty, you wretched stealer of souls, hopes, and dreams, may I live to see the day of your death.

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