A bishop with Jeremiah Zion Church left a court in stitches when he “refused” to pay maintenance for his mistress’ child claiming that he could not even afford a dollar as his three wives were the ones who work tirelessly to make ends meet.

Joseph Masotsha, in a bid to evade paying maintenance for his eight-year-old child with Elizabeth Julius, asked for her hand in marriage before the courts.

Masotsha made it clear before the courts that he does nothing for a living, but his three wives were the ones who fend for the family.

He pulled a shocker when he asked the woman to come and join his family of 13 children and three wives.

As if that was not enough from the Bishop, he said he was aware that his mistress’ second born baby belonged to another man, but he was prepared to adopt the child as well.

Julius dragged the father of 13 to court claiming $400 maintenance for their eight-year-old child saying he was not supportive in any way.

When presiding magistrate Shepherd Mjanja asked Bishop Masotsha how much he earned a month, he claimed he could not even afford a dollar a month as he was unemployed.

“I cannot even afford a cent as I am unemployed and my three wives are the ones who fend for the family,” said Masotsha.

Masotsha said he spent his time relaxing at home and his three wives did everything for the family as they were into gardening.

He then asked Julius to move in with him so that they could also eat what the family would be eating and at the same time would learn how his other three wives make a living.

However, magistrate Mjanja ordered him to pay $40 monthly maintenance saying: “As a father you should act responsibly and take care of your children.”

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